Friday, 4 December 2009

Room 8: 2009 Reflection

This is a reflection by the students of Room 8 on what they enjoyed in 2009 and what they wish to accomplish in 2010.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Siupeli's Halloween Recount

Siupeli reads a recount of Halloween

Monday, 30 November 2009

Tupac's Halloween recount

Tupac reads a Halloween recount

Sunday, 29 November 2009

"Halloween" by Vaivasa

Vaivasa has plenty to tell us about Halloween.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Halloween Recount - Nathaniel

Nathaniel has written a recount about Halloween.

Litani's Halloween Recount

Have a listen to Litani's Halloween Recount.

Monday, 23 November 2009


This is a recount of how Tamika spent Halloween Day.


This is a recount of how Nathaniel spent his Halloween Day.


This is a recount of how Melelangi enjoyed a Roots of Empathy lesson.


This is a recount of a Roots of Empathy lesson by June.


This is how Tupac spent Halloween.


This is what Litani did on Halloween Day.


This is how Vaivasa spent Halloween Day.


This is how Myo Htat spent Halloween.

Fa'amafu's Halloween

This is how Fa'amafu spent Halloween day.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Water and Ice by Keren

This is Keren's factual description of the differences between water and ice.

Solids and Liquids by Tatiana

These are some facts about solids and liquids that Tatiana studied for Topic Studies.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Halloween Recount

This is a recount of how Alexis spent Halloween.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Red Riding Hood Rap

Room 8 have had a lot of fun presenting one of the School Journal stories we have been reading as a movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival being held today at Tamaki College. We hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Recount of Halloween by Tatiana

This is a recount of how Tatiana spent Halloween

Halloween recount by Keren

This is a recount of how Keren spent Halloween.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Recount byTatiana

Yesterday Monday the 19th of October 2009 Nicole, Alene and Baby Cooper came to visit Room8 students and Mrs Moopanar for Roots of Empathy lesson.

At Roots of Empathy we sang a welcome song called “Hello Baby Cooper”. Then Alene put baby Cooper on the mat. During the session we all just found out that Baby Cooper had achieved a milestone. His milestone was that he grew his first tooth. After that we gave some toys to Baby Cooper to play with. Next we learnt about empathy. Empathy means understanding people’s feelings.

Finally it was time for Baby Cooper to go home. We sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper and then we shook his foot. Thereafter everyone went home.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Recount of a Roots of Empathy session by Siupeli

Yesterday Nicole came into our class for a Roots of Empathy session. The first thing that she did was set the mat. Then she outside went and waited for Baby Cooper and his mum, Alene. We sang the welcome song when they entered.

Then Alene put Baby Cooper on the mat. Nicole gave a ball to Baby Cooper. Then we sang some nursery rhymes to him. After that Hola gave a book of poems to Baby Cooper.

Finally we sang the goodbye song to him. It was fun to be with Baby Cooper.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Recount of a Roots of Emapthy session by Mara

On Monday the 19 of October 2009, Nicole Alene and Baby Cooper came for a visit to Room 8. They came because we had a Roots of Empathy session. We had to put baby Cooper on the mat and we had to sit in the circle. Alene said that Baby Cooper was getting some teeth and getting heavy. We saw him grabbing toys and trying to crawl.

Then Nicole got her bag and took out her fake doll. She held it and gave it to Baby Cooper smiled and started to dribble. Next we put him back, sang a rhyme to him and gave him a nursery rhymes book. Then Hola had to speak about the book that made last Monday.

Finally we stood in a circle and Alene was holding baby Cooper going around the circle. We sang the good bye song. I had fun.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Neighbourhood

The things I like about my neighbourhood is the pools, park and the Internet cafe .

I like the swimming pool because they are clean and have fresh air for me to breathe in. I also enjoy the park because it has lots of equipment for me to play on. I really like the internet café because I get to play games on the computer and look at our school blog and other things as well.

From my discussion above you can see the reasons why I really enjoy my neighbourhood.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

June's neighbourhood

I like my neighbourhood because of the pools, shopping centre and school.

I like the pools because the life guards can teach people how to swim. I like the shopping centre because you can buy food and see many people there. I like school because you can see your friends and learn at school.

The above are some reasons why I like my neighbourhood.

Research task on action figures by Hola

This is a research task on action figures created by Hola from Room 8 of Glenbrae school.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Tatiana's neighbourhood

I like my neighbour hood because of the swimming pools, internet café and the shopping centres.

I like the swimming pools because there is a pool for little kids, one for big kids and one for adults. The pools are also clean. I also like the internet café because you can go on anything you like and its also cheap. The shopping centres are also great because there are all kinds of food and they are all cheap.

From my discussion above you can see the reasons why I like my neighbour hood.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Nathaniel's neighbourhood

I like my neighbourhood because of the internet café, bay and school.

I like the internet café because you can invite your friends to play online, the bay because you can fish with your family and school because you can meet up with your friends.

From the discussion above you can see why I like my neighbourhood.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Reasons why Tamika likes her neighbourhood

I like my neighbourhood because of the swimming pools, internet café and also my school.

I like the swimming pools because we can learn to swim. People like going there and everyone can meet friends and family there. I really like going to the internet café because it is cheap and you can do anything you want. I like going to school because I can learn and know anything.

From my discussion above you can see the reasons why I like my neighbourhood.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The reasons why Sariah likes her nieghbourhood

I like my neighbourhood because of my cousin Tyla. She is my bestcousin. She is fun to play games with and to talk about your feelings with. That’s why I like her.

I like going to the internet café because I get to go on to any thing I like , like cube field and fun kids reading games and stuff like that. I also like going shopping to the shopping mall. It’s fun to pick out my shoes, clothes and toys and I like the book store at the mall. There are pop up books and other fun books to read.

These are some of the reasons why I like my neighbourhood.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hola's neighbourhood

I like my neighbourhood because of the internet café where you can play games from Playstation 2. I like the Panmure Basin as well.

I just love going to the Aquatic Centre because you can swim in the deep pool and because there is a spa pool for the adults and there are lanes for you to swim in. There are fast lanes, slow lanes and medium lanes.

From my discussion above you can see the reasons why I like my neighbourhood.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Toy Technology Voice Thread

Room 8 have made a Voicethread. Listen to our brainstorm about Toy Technology and tell us what YOU think...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fa'amafu's procedure to make a porotaka

This is Fa'amafu's instructions to make a porotaka

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Vaivasa's procedure of making a porotaka

This is how Vaivasa thinks that a porotaka should be made.

Monday, 7 September 2009

How to make a porotaka by Melelangi

This is how Melelangi made her porotaka.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sariah's instructions to make a porotaka

This is how Sariah made her porotaka.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Procedure of making a porotaka by Tiana

This is how Tiana thinks that a porotaka should be made.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Procedure of making a porotaka by Keren

This is a video of how Keren thinks that a porotaka should be made.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Procedure of Making a Porotaka by Hola

Aim: How to make a Porotaka

Materials used:
• Flax
• Stick
• Nail

Steps involved:
• Fold a strip of flax.
• Place another strip of flax inside the fold.
• Weave strip the first strip of flax around the second strip.
• Pull the four ends tightly to form a square
• Trim the blades of flax so that they are the same length.
• Nail it to a stick.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Procedure of making "horrible hands" by Tatiana

Aim: How to make horrible hands

Materials used:
.Food colouring
.Clean rubber gloves
.Rubber bands

Steps involved:
1. Fill the jug with water.
2. Add a few drops of food colouring.
3. Pour the water into a rubber glove.
4. Tie the glove with a rubber band.
5. Put the glove into a freezer. Make sure the fingers don’t touch.
6. Leave it in for one day and night.
7. When the water's frozen take it out and put it on a plate for 15 minutes.
8. Cut off the rubber bands.
9. Slip the frozen hand out of the glove.
10. Put the hand into a jug of water but if it breaks use them for icky ice blocks.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Procedure of changing a baby's nappy by June

AIM: How to change a baby’s nappy

1. A mat
2. wipes
3. cream
4. plastic bags
5. A nappy bag
6. Spare clothes

First Alene put down a mat on the floor.
Next she took off Baby Cooper’s dirty nappy.
Then she wiped used wipes to clean his bottom and cream to prevent nappy rash.
Thereafter Alene put the dirty nappy in a plastic bag.
Next she put Cooper's clean nappy on.
In the end she changed him into his clean set of spare clothes.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Procedure of changing a baby's nappy by Melelangi

Aim: How to change a baby’s nappy.

Materials used:
Disposable nappy
Plastic bag
Nappy bag
Spare clothes

Steps involved:
Firstly Alene put a mat down.
Then she used wipes to clean Baby Cooper.
Thereafter, Alene used a cream on Cooper’s bottom.
After that she put on baby Cooper's new disposable nappy.
Next she put the dirty nappy in a plastic bag.
Finally she put on baby Cooper's spare set of clothes.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recount of Vaivasa's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

Last term was Room 8’s new theme for Roots of Empathy. Nicole, Alene and Baby Cooper came in. His mum went around while we sang a song to welcome Cooper. We touched his little feet as he went around as well.

Next Alene changed Baby Cooper’s nappy. She put down a mat, cream and a nappy. Cooper’s mum took off his jeans and his dirty nappy and shoed us how to change a baby’s nappy.

In the end we sang another song to say goodbye to Cooper. While we sang, Alene came around the circle again, so we could touch his feet again.

Recount of Mara's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

In Room 8 a women named Nicole came for a visit. She taught us about changing a baby’s nappy. She brought a nappy bag and a plastic bag. She also brought Baby Cooper along with his mum called Alene. We had to sit Baby Cooper on the mat. We sang the welcome song called “Hello Baby Cooper and how you are?” when baby Cooper entered our classroom.

We compared the disposable nappy with the cloth nappy. We discussed in groups about which one costs more, which one is more comfortable and the one that is more convenient to use.

After a group discussion, we realised that although the disposable nappy costs more, it is more comfortable and convenient to use. Then we went back on the mat and sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper. We get to touch his toes while singing this song. We have lots of fun with during our “Roots of Empathy” lesson especially with Baby Cooper.

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy" lesson by June

Last week Nicole came to Room Eight to teach us a “Roots of Empathy” lesson. She gave us a worksheet about “Feelings”.

We sat in groups and discussed the “Feelings” worksheet. We had to match photographs of angry, happy and sad people.

It was interesting to learn about how people feel and why they feel that way.

Recount of a "Roots of Emapthy" session by Alexis

It was Wednesday and we always have a person called Nicole who comes into our class room to teach us about the “Roots of Empathy”. It was so cool. We sang “Hello Baby Cooper” to welcome him.

After that Alene, Baby Cooper’s mum got to show us how to change a baby’s nappy. She also showed us what she carries in her nappy bag.

In the end we did a worksheet on “Feelings”. We also sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper and then they left.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy" lesson by Keren


Last Wednesday we had Roots of Empathy. The song we sang in the beginning was Baby Cooper’s welcome song. We always sing to him his welcome song to make him feel comfortable.

After that Alene, his mum got to show us what and how to change a baby’s nappy. She needed some things like cream and wipes to change his nappy. She also brings plastic bags to put baby Cooper’s dirty nappies in. We asked her some questions about nappies. She preferred disposable nappies because they were convenient. It also costed lots but she did not mind.

In the end we did a worksheet and then we sang Baby Cooper’s goodbye song. I really enjoyed the Roots of Empathy lesson.

By Keren

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy lesson" by Tamika

It was Wednesday afternoon and that was one of my favourite days because we have a special guest that comes into our class. The guest is baby Cooper.

His mother had to change his nappy at during his last visit. Most of the kids were laughing because they thought it was funny. We all got to see what his mother, Alene puts inside his baby bag. The things she puts in were nappies, spare clothes, cream, plastic bags, powder, a changing mat, hat, socks, and also a carton carton of wipes.

After he got changed he was giggling. In the end we got to sing his good bye song. It was now time for baby Cooper to go home.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Recount of Keren's soccer coaching session

Last Thursday for PE Room 8 had soccer a coaching session. Before we started we did a warm up for the day.

I got really excited when Manuel our coach told us what we were going to be doing .Manuel said that we were going to be dribbling the ball. I really like dribbling but sometimes I get exhausted. We played two exciting games after we practised our dribbling.

Eventually our soccer coaching session was over with Manuel. I really enjoyed the soccer coaching session and learnt many new soccer skills.

Recount of Hola's soccer coaching session

Last Thursday Room 8 went for a soccer lesson. Manuel was the coach.

The first game we played was called “tails.” We had to pull the ‘tails’ off other students. Litani won. Then we played “Kick the ball out”. Here we had to kick the balls of other students out. No one won.

Everyone was exhausted. We enjoyed the soccer training.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Tatiana

Last week on Thursday for P.E Room 8 and Mrs Moopanar had a soccer training lesson with a professional named Manuel. He taught us how to play this game called catch the tail.

We had session on the court. It was very exciting. Manuel taught us how to dribble properly. We had so much fun that we forgot it was a coaching session. After that we had a competition where you had to try and kick the ball to the other side. The last person to remain in the game was the winner. We had so much fun bouncing the ball.

After all that dribbling everybody was exhausted and some might have had stitches.

Recount of Mara's soccer coaching session

On Thursday after Maths I went out for soccer with my class. We were coached by a man called Manuel. We played a game called “Catch the tail.” Someone had to catch a “tail” from another person.

The next game was with the soccer ball. There had to be two taggers and the rest of the players had to be with the ball. When Manuel said: “Run” we had to run. Then two people had to tag us and we had to freeze. People could rescue us. They had to go around us. After that we had another game. We had to have two kickers that were going to kick the ball out. We had to run away from them and try not to get the ball out. We had two rounds.

At the end we had to go back to class because it was the next class’ turn to go. It was really fun.

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Vaivasa

Last Thursday Room 8 went on the court to play soccer. A coach called Manuel came to teach us soccer.

We started off playing a game where we had to catch children’s “tails” and see how many we caught. I caught three tails from other children. Next we played a different game. We had to kick the ball all the way to the end, but the coach had to kick our balls away and if your ball had been kicked away you had to join the coach and kick the other balls away.

In the end we went back to class to have lunch. That was fun.

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Melelangi

On Thursday we had someone who came to our school to teach us soccer .It was fun. I got very excited when we were playing soccer .The person’s name was Manuel.

Soccer is my favourite sport. We did the coaching for our PE lesson. We had to dribble the ball and kick the ball. The ball was very hard.

I was very happy to play soccer. It was an enjoyable lesson.

Recount of Tupac's soccer coaching session

On Thursday we had to go to a soccer coaching session. The coach’s name was Manuel. He is cool.

First we warmed up with a game and you had to steal the players “tail.” It was fun. I stole Myo Htat”s tail. He tried to get it back. Litani won the last round.

Then we played a game where you had to kick other player’s ball out of their legs. Mine got kicked lots of times and my shoes got very muddy but I learnt how to kick a ball better.

I really enjoyed the soccer coaching session and am looking forward to the next one.

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Alexis

On Thursday after Maths we got to learn soccer skills with Manuel, the coach. We played a game called “Tail”. It was really funny. I was excited about training with Manuel. All of us were kicking a ball. We played on the court.

We had to dribble the balls to the other side of the court. That was a competition. We were catching each other. All of us played a game of soccer. After soccer we played another game.

We were exhausted but it was a lot of fun. When the soccer lesson was nearly finished we all played one more game. I am looking forward to the next session with Manuel.

Recount of June's soccer coaching session

During the soccer training we had to play “Tails” to warm us up. Whenever people fell down others weren’t allowed to steal their tails. If we stole their tails we had to give it back.

We played a game called “Ole.” In Ole there were two taggers in the middle. Everyone had a soccer ball and had to dribble it to the other end without it being kicked out.

When I was dribbling the ball it was hard. When the ball went far we had to run fast and get it to stop. I thoroughly enjoyed the soccer coaching session.

Recount of a soccer coaching session written by Veronica

Last Thursday we had a soccer coaching session for PE. The adult who was coaching us is called Manuel. He is a good coach and he was pretty funny too.

First we played a game called “Catch the tail.” It’s kind of like catching the dragon’s tail. Next we played “Dribble the ball.” Manuel dribbled the ball too.

Room 8 had so much fun that we did not want to pack up. I am looking forward to our next coaching session with Manuel.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Wall Story created by Room 8

Recount of how Mara spent her holidays

When holidays began on Thursday the 9th of April I went to the hospital to visit my dad because he was so sick and painful. I went with my mum, my aunty and my brothers.

We had to wait inside the lounge because my dad was gone for surgery. After his surgery we had a little talk with him. Then we had to go home.

The next day we went to the movies and watched 17 again I went with my brothers and my cousin. My cousin and I watched “17 again” and my brothers watched “2 fast and furious.”

I really enjoyed my holidays.

Recount of Tatiana spending a day at Kelly Tarlton's

My holidays was fun because I went to Kelly Tarlton's with my family. We got to see the different types of sea animals.

My family and I saw penguins, whales and lots of other sea creatures. My mum said that all the little children had to pair up with an adult. There were too many children so my brother and I went with my uncle. At Kelly Tarlton's my uncle said that we could take pictures with the camera. My brother took a picture of me looking at the penguins. After a while we were all hungry so all of us met outside and we began eating. My brother was eating like a pig because he was very hungry.

Thereafter we all went home and started talking about how much fun we had. Then we all went to sleep. I had an enjoyable day at Kelly Tarlton's.

Recount of Keren spending a day shopping at Sylvia Park

My holidays started on the 4th of July 2009. I was happy when the holidays began.I went to Sylvia Park for a whole day because it was my mum’s birthday.

I went to Sylvia Park’s Café. Here I had a piece of cake and a hot chocolate. My brothers and sisters had a piece of cake and burgers because they did not like Milo.
After that I went to the Warehouse to buy my mum a present. My brothers went to the carving shop to carve my mum’s name onto a little rock to say “Happy Birthday”. Then we went to buy a scooter, a bike and a skateboard .

Finally it was time to go home. We trained there and trained back. When we got out of the train we walked home and had a rest. I really enjoyed my holidays.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Multimedia Myth

This is a multimedia myth created by Vaivasa usnig crayon, dye, chalk and weaving.

Multimedia Myth

This is a multimedia myth created by Sariah using chalk, dye, crayon and weaving.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Narrative of "How fire came to Samoa" rewritten by Tatiana

A long time ago, in Samoa on an island there lived a happy couple and also their son named Ti’iti’i. In Samoa fire was unknown and people ate their food raw. On the island also lived Mafuie the earthquake god. Everyday Ti’iti’is dad Talaga would always leave the house before sunrise and return at night. Ti’iti’i always asked his mum where his dad was.

So one evening before sunrise Ti’iti’i followed his dad. Talaga travelled on a long journey past the coast and he went up England. Finally he stopped in front of a huge rock. Ti’iti’i saw that his dad talking to the rock. Suddenly the rock divided into two pieces. Inside the rock, the dad was making food. Ti’iti’i kept on throwing food at his dad. Then his dad found out that it was Ti’iti’i and told him to run home because it was not safe to be there.

When Mafuie found out that Ti’iti’i was there she chased him but he was clever and used his wrestling skills. Then Ti’iti’i told Mafuie to give them some fire and she agreed. She told them to use dry wood. From that day onwards, Samoans has fire and enjoyed cooked food.

Narrative of "How fire came to Samoa" rewritten by Keren

A very long time ago, on an island in Samoa there lived a couple and their young son called Ti’i’ti. In those days they ate food raw.

On the island there also lived the earthquake god Mafuie. Her home was in the under ground world where fire was continually burning.

Every day before sunrise Ti’i’ti’s dad went over huge hills. Once Ti’i’ti followed him and they made it to the very rocky mountain. His father Talaga said “Divide. It is me Talaga here to work”. Then his naughty son ate a piece of crisp fruit and chucked a piece of fruit at his dad’s back. Mafuie chased after him and Ti’i’ti decided to use some wrestling moves on him and Ti’i’ti destroyed Mafuie.

Mafuie promised to give them fire. From that day onwards Samoans had fire and ate cooked food.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Students of Room 8

These are photographs of the students in Room 8 at Glenbrae School.
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Narrative of Maui and Irawaru rewritten by Alexis

Once upon a time Maui’s little sister Hinauri got married to Irawaru. He was always annoying Maui.

Maui and Irawaru went fishing. Irawaru used barbed wire on his hook to fish. Maui said that there was something on the hook. They pulled out a fish and Maui realised that he was right. Maui caught the kingfish and Irawaru behaved as though he caught the fish.

Maui reshaped Irawaru into a dog by jumping on the waka that was on top of Irawaru. Hinauri got upset when she saw Irawaru and jumped into the ocean and married another man.

By Alexis

Narrative of Maui and Irawaru rewritten by Tamika

Maui’s sister was married to a man called Irawaru. Maui was trying to get on with him, but he was very annoying. When Maui was gardening Irawaru came along and disturbed him.

In the afternoon Maui was on his way fishing with Irawaru. They both threw their fishing lines out at the same time. They were waiting for awhile. When they felt there rods shaking they pulled it, but it was not coming up because their lines were tangled. Both argued about whose fish it was. They finally realised that it was Maui’s fish.

Maui had a thrilling plan. He told Irawaru to stand under the waka. Maui jumped on the top of the waka. Irawaru began to hurt and changed into a dog.

Narrative of Maui and Irawaru rewritten by Keren

One day Hinauri, Maui’s sister brought her husband Irawaru to visit her brother Maui. He was always annoying when they went gardening.

While Irawaru was there they went fishing in the waka. Irawaru caught a king fish because he cheated by using a barbde hook. Maui caught more fish as he was smart.

Thereafter Maui got so annoyed that he put the waka on Irawaru’s back and jumped on him until he was flattened. He pulled his back bone into a tail. He changed his jaw into a dog’s jaw and Irawaru became a dog.

When Maui’s sister saw Irawaru she jumped into the ocean. She made it to another Island and married someone else.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Narrative of Maui and Tunaroa rewitten by Fa'amafu

Maui’s wife, Hina went for a bath in the water. Then the eel saw Hina and fell in love with her.

The eel was chasing Hina. So Maui was jealous. He set a trap for the eel and used a net to get back Hina.

Maui stabbed the eel’s head and turned it into a fish and Maui got back with Hina. They lived happily ever after.

Narrative of Maui and Tunaroa rewritten by Tatiana

Maui’s wife, Hina was having a bath in the water hole. Suddenly “Aaargh” screamed Hina. There was an eel chasing her because somehow the eel fell in love with her and thought she was very beautiful.

So Maui got really jealous and he decided to kill the eel. Maui planned to use an axe to chop the eel. When Maui saw the eel in the water he ran up to the eel and began chopping it.

Finally the eel was destroyed and the body became vines, the hair became trees, the head became fish and the tail became tuna. So Maui and his wife lived happily ever after.

Narrative of Maui and Tunaroa rewritten by Keren

One day Hina, Maui’s wife went to have a bath in the waterhole. Then Tunaroa, the eel saw her and fell in love with her.

Thereafter he chased her away. Maui got jealous and angry because Hina was his wife and went to the forest and made a spear so he could kill Tunaroa. Thereafter Maui made a net and got his spear and set off to kill Tunaroa.

When he got him he chopped off his head and it turned into a fish. He chopped off the tail and that turned into tuna, his hair turned into trees and his body turned into vines.

Maui and Hina lived happily ever after.

Narrative of Maui and Tunaroa retold by Fa'amafu

This is a story about how Maui got his wife, Hina back from Tunaroa, the eel.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Recount of how Melelangi spent Mother's Day

This is a recount of how Melelangi spent Mother's Day with her mum. They went to Palmerston North. She bought a present for her mum and made her a card.

Narrative of how Maui slows the sun rewritten by Vaivasa

Maui and the sun

The sun was going to fast and the people in the island couldn’t do much work. They had only a little bit of day time and more night time.

Maui had a bright idea and he called out to his brothers to come and help him. So Maui taught his brothers how to tie a knot to trap the sun. Maui got a special rope. Once Maui and his brothers tied up a strong, tight knot on the sun, the sun slowed down and everyone was proud of Maui.

People in the village were happy because they had enough of time during the day.

By Vaivasa

Narrative of How Maui slows down the sun rewritten by Keren

Maui slows down the sun

Tamanui Te Ra, the sun was going quickly across the sky.

He was always going fast past Maui’s village .Maui and his brothers thought of a plan. They made a special rope and they struck the sun until it felt the pain and cried with anger.

From that day on Tamanui Te Ra promised to go slowly through the heavens. The people were happy because they had longer days and could do more.


Friday, 22 May 2009

Narrative of Maui retold by Tupac

This is a story about how Maui slowed the sun. He struck the sun until he promised to go slowly across the sky.

Narrative of Maui retold by Nathaniel

This is a narrative about how Maui slowed the sun. He hit the sun with a stick and convinced it to slow down.

Recount of how Myo Htat celebrated Mother's Day

This is a recount of how Myo Htat spent Mother's day. He cleaned the oven. Then they watched a movie. He went to sleep at 9 pm.

Narrative of Maui and the sun retold by Litani

This is a narrative of how Maui and his brothers trapped the sun to make it go slow across the sky.

Recount on Mother's Day: Aaron

This recount is about how Aaron spent Mother's day with his mum. They went to Valentine's for dinner and then went to their nan's house.

Recount on Mother's Day: June

This is a recount on how June spent Mother's Day with her mum. They went to church and had a feed. They also danced.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Recount of Vaivasa'a holiday

This is a recount of how Vaivasa spent her holidays. She went to Sylvia Park and Mt. Wellington.


This is a recount about Tamika's school holidays. She went to the North Shore, restaurant and Sylvia Park. She also visited her uncle and aunt.

Keren's recount

This is a recount about what Keren did in her holidays. She went to her aunt's, McDonalds and the movies.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Tatiana's recount

This is a recount about what Tatiana did during her school holidays. She went to the pools.

Changes in Term 2

Hi everyone

Our new school term has started on the 27th of April. We have more changes for our readers. Room 8 at Glenbrae School has me as their new teacher. My name is Mrs R. Moopanar and I am really excited to teach Room 8. What's more exciting is that I have been given the opportunity to be the lead teacher for Manaiakalani and I am looking forward to developing some exciting writing with these talented bloggers. Please continue to support this blog by reading it and adding your comments.

We will soon be publishing some of our new work for you to enjoy.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Keren's Science Project

My name is Keren and I attend Glenbrae School. I have been working very hard with my poster for Science. I chose to study the habitat and adaptive features of Lions. I thoroughly enjoyed researching, especially when I used the internet to gather information. I am very happy with the presentation of my work. I hope you like it too. Please comment on my poster.

Vaivasa's Science Poster

After having done some research using non-fiction books and websites from the internet, I was able to put together this interesting poster on Camels. I learnt many things about their habitat and adaptive features that help them to survive in the dry deserts of the world. Please feel free to comment om my work.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Science project

My name is Alexis. I am in Room 8 at Glenbrae School. My Science project was on the ladybird. This is me with my completed poster. I am very proud of my beautiful work. I worked hard with the presentation of my poster. Please feel free to comment.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tatiana's poster

Here is Tatiana with her completed poster on Dolphins. She has done some extensive research using websites on the internet and books from both the school and the public library. Please feel free to comment on her beautiful poster.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Room 8's visit to the Auckland Zoo

On Wednesday the 1st of April Room 8 at Glenbrae School went to the Auckland Zoo. We had a wonderful day out. Here we are seen feeding the giraffe. It was so much fun. In the picture, this is Samuel and Siupeli waiting their turn to feed the giraffe. We were all given a piece of celery because giraffes love eating vegetables. They are herbivores and only eat plants. At the zoo we also got to explore and visit other animals. We enjoyed watching the elephants have a bath, the hippos swimming under water, listening to the birds chirping and especially looking at the baby cheetahs. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. If ever you get a chance to visit the Auckland Zoo, you should in the near future.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Luana's visit to the beach

Luana had a wonderful day at the beach. Listen to her recount and feel free to comment.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Keren talks about lions

Keren from Room 8 at Glenbrae School is very busy researching Lions. She is working conscientiously using books and the internet to gather information so that her project can be a beautifully presented poster. Hear what she has been doing so far by clicking the "play" button. Keren would love you to leave a comment.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oral Lanuguage - Bubble Making in Room 1

Room 1 at Glenbrae School enjoyed themselves mixing the solution for making bubbles. They mixed water, dishwashing liquid and glycerine to make the solution. With the help of their teacher, Mrs McGregor, they were able to use different types of shapes to make various types of bubbles. Take a look and comment on what you think.

Tatiana's Science Project

Room 8 is busy studying Habitats and Adaptive Features. Tatiana has chosen to do her Science project on Dolphins. Hear what she has to say by clicking on the "play" button. Please feel free to comment.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hola's adventure at the beach

Hola had a lovely time collecting pipis at the beach. Click on the "play" button to hear more about his beach adventure.

It would be great if you commented on his story.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nathaniel's beach experience

Nathaniel from Room 8 at Glenbrae School thoroughly enjoyed his beach experience. Click to hear what he has to say.

Nathaniel would love for you to comment on his story.

Vaivasa's day out at the beach

Vaivasa from Room 8 at Glenbrae School had a wonderful day out at the beach. If you want to hear more just click on "play" and enjoy listening to her story.

Please comment on her day out to the beach.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


My name is June. I am in Room 8 at Glenbrae School. My favourite movie is Game Plan. My favourite colour is blue. I like playing soccer and any other games outside. My favourite food is K.F.C. I have soft black hair. I like school and I am working very hard in class.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Room 8's Science Study

Hello everyone,

We are working very hard in Room 8 at Glenbrae School at present. For Science we are studying "Habitats and Adaptive Features" of all living things.
We have had many interesting discussions about this topic and have even done a huge brainstorm about the different places where living things live. Our understanding of the word "Habitats" is a place where living things survive, thrive and reproduce. We have been learning that for living things to survive in its natural habitat, they need water, food, sunshine, shelter and oxygen. Only then will they be able to reproduce. This will help them from becoming endangered and/or extinct. At the moment we are doing some research work and will be producing some interesting projects closer towards the end of term. Room 8 will be more than happy to share these projects with you.

We have also posted a copy of one of our group's brainstorm of ideas. We hope you find it useful.

The students in
Room 8
Glenbrae School

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Glenbrae's New Bloggers

Hi everyone
It's been a great start to the new year and we at Glenbrae School are very excited and enthusiastic about starting our new blogs as soon as possible. We would like to place on record our sincere thanks and appreciation to Miss Joy Paton for all the effort and hard work she had put into our school's blog. We look forward to building on the success this blog has achieved in 2008. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Our next post to look forward to, is when we will introduce our new class of 2009. We are ready and rearing to go!!

Ms Tilly Thambiran
Lead Teacher - eLearning and classroom teacher Room 8 2009

Sunday, 25 January 2009

2009 Changes

2009 brings together some new exciting changes. The class who originally took part in the creation of this blog site in 2008 have moved up a class level. The Class room teacher Miss Joy Paton who administered this blog site has also shifted schools. This site may continue through the new teacher, as part of their EHSAS project.

Miss Paton has not gone forever within the cluster. You can follow what Miss Paton's class is up to and what the children are learning on a new blogsite that is being created at her new school.
Here is the link to Miss Paton's blogsite called Creative Voice:

On behalf of Miss Paton and the class of 2008, we would like to THANK our viewers and listeners for their continued support during 2008. We have loved integrating our literacy programme into our e-learning programme. A highlight for me as the classroom teacher was sharing my Overseas Trip to the USA and Canada with you.
Do support this site and the other sites listed during 2009. At the moment there are some excellent samples of children's writing and great examples of oral language on this site. Tune in and listen to Interviews, Recounts, Poetry, Plays, Reports and a whole lot more.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Vaelupe's Cinquain Poem

Hear the good things Vaelupe says about her Dad-the special person in her life

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Siupeli's Cinquain Poem

Listen to all the kind words Siupeli says about his Dad in this well written cinquain poem.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Myo Htat's Special Person Cinquain

Guess who Myo Htat has written his special person cinquain poem on. Tune in and find out.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Isaiah Special Person Cinquain Poem

Isaiah's Dad is a special person in Isaiah's life. Tune in and listen to his Cinquain Poem.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Tame'e's Special Person Cinquain Poem

Listen to all the good things Tame'e has to say about her mother