Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Red Riding Hood Rap

Room 8 have had a lot of fun presenting one of the School Journal stories we have been reading as a movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival being held today at Tamaki College. We hope you enjoy it!


Antonio said...

Hi Glenbrae School
Nice rap! I liked the part when that girl done a combo

From Antonio
Room 10, Pt England School

Room14 said...

Hey Glenbrae School mostly Room 8

"WOW,AMAZING,MARVELOUS YO"I never thought a class that talented could make a rap,with words out of a journal.

Well I got to GO

But remeber I'm speechless

Sincercely Sifa from Pt England


Othaniel said...

Hi Room 8
It was cool listening to your rap about Little Red Riding Hood.

from Othaniel

Anonymous said...

hi glenbrae room 8 i like when you did your raps i liked it because it sounded great.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 8,

I liked your rap. As the rap was being played I was trying to work out the singers to the rap. I know one of them was Hola. I liked the acting and the backing track.

Keep up the great work Room 8,

From Miss Paton

Mrs Burt said...

Wow - wasn't that a success Room 6! What a fantastic job you all did. You can be very proud of your film. You can also be very proud of your presenters who even the very first time were polished and confident.
You people are awesome :)

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Job well done Room 8. I really enjoyed listening to your rap about Little Red Riding in the Hood. I thought the lyrics were very funny and you all did a great job rapping and keeping to the beat. Great work.

Miss Lavakula

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Hi Glenbrae
Loved your video. The narrator was so entertaining. You make fabulous actors. Good rap!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 8,

I love your movie. You guys are very talented! I didn't know that young kids like you can make up a rap like that!

Mrs She @Pt England School.

Tom said...

How do you decorate your background like that? Sweet!

joshua said...

good job by joshua

glenbrea said...


Hi room 8 great movie you have made. Boy that gave me the crac ups. I liked the way you have made it intresting and halerious to the people who was watching it. Keep up the good work

vaivasa said...

hi rm 8 nice rap anyways this me vaivasa oh and i like the part of red riding hood running in a slow motion.i so love the movie!
from vaivasa f.a.k

Tatiana said...


Nice rap and i liked how alexas done the karate kick.

tiana said...

hi room8,
I liked the movie even due I was not there.

by Tiana.

tiana said...

hi room8,
I liked the movie even due I was not there.

by Tiana.

Keren room 8 said...

Hi i really enjoyed the little red riding hood rap you used go0od descriptive words.

from Keren

Room14 said...

Hi guys

"WOW" what a cool rap you came up with I liked the part when the girl kicked the wolf.kapai tamariki.

From Te Roimata

Room14 PtEngland School

joshua said...

good jod by joshua

Tupac and Nathaniel said...

good job

Denisha said...

that was awesome!! i loved the narrator!

Anonymous said...

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