Wednesday, 11 February 2009


My name is June. I am in Room 8 at Glenbrae School. My favourite movie is Game Plan. My favourite colour is blue. I like playing soccer and any other games outside. My favourite food is K.F.C. I have soft black hair. I like school and I am working very hard in class.


Tamaki Primary School said...

Hi June,it's great to see your writing on your classroom blog. My favourite colour is blue too!!!
from Mrs. Kelly at Tamaki Primary

Miss Paton said...

Hi June,

How are you? Great to see your work up on the blogsite. I hope to see more of your work and the other room 8 childrens work up during the year. I like KFC as well, I went there over the holidays as I hadn't been for a while. I'm enjoying my new job. This year I am teaching a Year 2 class. I've got a new blogsite up called Creative Voice. Click on the link and check out my children's work:

Keep up the great work.
Love From,

Miss Paton

Frances Palu said...

oooooh...June well what can i say?? you were alwats a hard worker. How are things back at Glenbrae huh?umm I don't know about the K.f.c though,it's not really tasty here in Australia..haha Anyway i've already lost 10kg's while being here so i'm lovin it here.You all keep up the great work ok.hope to hear and look at more great stuff from you all.


Frances Palu

p.s Hi Miss P.

G.T.S. said...

Hello Fititogo.... How have you been... haven't been to your school in ages. Saw Frances and umh.. she sended you a email... well umh see u when ever okh

BYE..... Hahahahahahah