Monday, 23 November 2009


This is a recount of how Tamika spent Halloween Day.


Miss Elia said...

Kia ora Tamika
I enjoyed listening to your story about how you spent Halloween. It sounds as though you had lots of fun.
I hope you will feel confident enough to wear your costume next year. Did you do any tricks?

sariah said...

hi tamika
sariah here good storty

from sariah

mara said...

wow u had a great time on hallow wen

june and tiana said...

Hi Tamika,
Its June and Tiana we like your podcast!!

AlExIs said...

Hi Tamika

i really enjoyed listening to u

Vaivasa said...

Talofa Lava Tamika
its me your friend Vaivasa but im here on your blog to tell you how lovely your work is because i liked the way you speaked clearly.

Vaivasa said...

hi tamika
i liked the way you were speaking and you sure had fun butanyways good job!
from Vaivasa Fa'aola Aialeo Kelekolio

june said...

your podcast was realy cool i like it

siupeli said...

hi tamika i enjoyed halloween siupeli

Anonymous said...

hi tamika i enjoyed halloween siupeli