Friday, 31 July 2009

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Vaivasa

Last Thursday Room 8 went on the court to play soccer. A coach called Manuel came to teach us soccer.

We started off playing a game where we had to catch children’s “tails” and see how many we caught. I caught three tails from other children. Next we played a different game. We had to kick the ball all the way to the end, but the coach had to kick our balls away and if your ball had been kicked away you had to join the coach and kick the other balls away.

In the end we went back to class to have lunch. That was fun.


Anonymous said...

really nice recount

joshua said...

good jod be joshua

mara said...

hi vaivasa i really like your recount writing it is awesome to read your story about the soccer session i hoped u have fun.

by mara