Thursday, 11 June 2009

Narrative of Maui and Irawaru rewritten by Tamika

Maui’s sister was married to a man called Irawaru. Maui was trying to get on with him, but he was very annoying. When Maui was gardening Irawaru came along and disturbed him.

In the afternoon Maui was on his way fishing with Irawaru. They both threw their fishing lines out at the same time. They were waiting for awhile. When they felt there rods shaking they pulled it, but it was not coming up because their lines were tangled. Both argued about whose fish it was. They finally realised that it was Maui’s fish.

Maui had a thrilling plan. He told Irawaru to stand under the waka. Maui jumped on the top of the waka. Irawaru began to hurt and changed into a dog.


S said...

Well done. Keep up the great writing.

keren said...

Hi Tamika keep up the good work and I think your narrative was fantastic. From Keren.

Vaivasa said...

Hi keren its your friend Vaivasa on your blog spot to say how wonderful your work is.From Vaivasa

Tatiana said...

Hi Tamika,

Your narrative of Maui and Irawaru was fantastic.

Miss Elia said...

Kia ora Tamika
I enjoyed reading your retell of the Maui and Irawaru legend. You set it out clearly in paragraphs.
I like the way you and Keren illustrated your stories with pictures of dogs.
That Maui sure is a vengeful character!

June said...

hi tamika

welldone keep up the good work