Saturday, 30 August 2008

My last night in Los Angeles

Greetings Everyone,

Today I went to the Californian Adventure Park. I was going to do a Movie Stars Tour and visit the Theatres around Hollywood, but unfortunately the touring company does not do pick ups from Anaheim, where I am staying. Anaheim is a 1 hour drive from Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. So I had a change of plans. In a way I wanted to do the Adventure Park, and I thought that if I come back again I would do the Adventure Park, it's funny the way things have turned out.
If I go back again I wouldn't mind staying in Santa Monica a little bit closer to Hollywood, and I would be able to do the Movie Stars/theatres tour, the Getty Museum and Knotts Berry Farm. As the saying goes I got to save something for next time.
Tonight is my last night in Anaheim Los Angeles. I'm feeling rather sad to be leaving this place as I have had many happy memories here such as visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios, Californian Beaches and Down town Los Angeles. Visiting Disneyland has always been a childhood dream of mine to visit the castle and to experience the magic of the place where dreams come true. When I was a child there was a lot of Disney cartoons and shows on TV and I would always see the castle before and after the TV Programme. Despite feeling a little sad, I have got a new city to explore and many more adventures to undertake in the hot southern city called San Diego. I will be catching a bus to San Diego which is a 2 hour drive from Anaheim.
When you open this blog on Monday morning I will be in San Diego.
I will be staying in San Diego for seven nights and it is the closest US City to the country Mexico. I will be expecting to see more Mexican people in San Diego. In San Diego, I will be visiting the Zoo, Sea World and the Wild Animal Park. I will also be doing a tour of San Diego City.

Well that's all from me,

Here are some more: Did you know facts about the USA:

* In the USA, we have to tip-pay people extra money for the service they provide.
It is around 15-20% of the actual cost.
You give tips to: Bus Drivers, Restaurant workers and sometimes workers at the Hotel


Miss Paton orders a Roast Beef Dinner for $12.99
A drink known as Soda for $1.00
Altogether the meal would cost $13.99
But I would also have to pay the waiter extra money which would be around: $2.80 for the service they provide
Then on top of my meal bill I have to pay tax which is around: 8%
In total the meal would add up to around $17.00 -just off the top of my head

* When you pay for a postcard, it maybe be 50 cents. In the shop they are advertised as 50 cents each, but when you pay for the postcard the cashier may say 55 cents. This is the hidden tax. So different to New Zealand, as we pay a set amount of money for things-no hidden charges.

* You children are so lucky with your fruit. Here in the USA, fruit is very expensive.
I paid $14.00 USA money for 3 Apples, 3 Nectarines and 3 Peaches at the Farmer's Market.
For 1 banana it is over $1.00 USA money
Junk food seems to be cheaper than healthy food.

* Healthy food restaurants are very hard to find in Anaheim
Common foods on the menu in Restaurants are: Burgers, Pizza, Fried foods.
Healthy salads have mayonaise or a whole lot of dressing piled on top.

* Over half the people in Los Angeles speak Spanish

* The weather temperature is measured in Farenheight instead of degrees Celcius.

You may want to see what the weather temperature is in San Diego on the Internet
Just type into Google: Weather temperatures in San Diego
Some websites have the temperature in degrees celcius

Have a great week. Hopefully my Hotel has Internet/Emailing facilities in San Diego. It's just great here in Los Angeles.
Will create a new post on the blog in San Diego.

Love from,

Miss Paton

Friday, 29 August 2008

The new teacher

A new teacher makes Ellen's day. The teacher has magical powers and solves the bullying problem. Tune in and Listen to Johnathan's story.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Greetings from Los Angeles Day 4

Hi Everyone,

I am so lucky at my hotel in Anaheim I have got free Internet and Emailing facilities. All the more reason to blog you all more regularly. Flash Apple flat screen computers, better than my home computer.

Today I did a tour around Los Angeles. I went to Hollywood and had my photo taken beside Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean main character). I also took a picture of Elmo from Sesame Street.
I took lots of pictures of the Walk of Fame, they are the stars on the pavement. You might have seen them on TV or on the Internet. I also went to a beach on my tour called Venice Beach. I didn't feel safe there and wouldn't go back there again. It was a very different beach to most other beaches I have come across. They call it the hippy beach and it did not smell like a beach.
At lunch time today I went to a Farmers Market and I got to try the American favourite: Cherry Pie for the first time. My Mum talks about how nice it was, when she was growing up and it was nice to try something new.

Life is pretty interesting in the USA.

Did you know:
* In the USA, the money is very different to New Zealand's money.
We have 1 cent coins, 5 cent coins, 25 cent coins (quarters), and one dollar notes.
If you want to buy a bottled water it may cost $1.79.
I have now got a purse full of 1 cent coins.

* In Los Angeles there are 8 million people living in it.
two times the size of New Zealand's population

* In California (State) there are 32 million people living in it

* Disneyland was built in 1955 by the creator Walt Disney

* Disneyland used to be an orange grove/orchard before it became a theme park.

* It took Walt Disney one year to build Disneyland.

* On Disneyland's open day there were 28 invited people, but 48 people turned up instead

* Sometimes there is a haze across the sky at the Hollywood sign and it may not always be easy to see.

* Desparate House wives (TV Show) is made at the Universal Studios

Well that's all of the news from me.
Tomorrow I am going to three different beaches across the Orange County in Anaheim. It is a day tour. I will be spending three hours each at three different beaches. No sunbathing, just paddling, admiring the scenery, taking pictures and enjoying the cafes.

Will get my Los Angeles photos burned onto CD within the next couple of days, when I find a shop that does it. Then I will be able to add them to the blog.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

From Miss Paton

The Lunch Thieves By Amanda

Ben and Nathan keep stealing lunch from James, Zach and Sarah. These two boys are very sneaky and sneak into the class room when the teacher leaves the room. Tune in and hear this very exciting story. Will Ben and Nathan carry on stealing lunches?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Greetings from Los Angeles Day 3

Thanks every one for your contributions. Keep those comments coming in. Today I went to another theme park called Universal Studios. I went on a tour where the TV programme called Desparate Housewives was made. We drove past the houses/set of the TV programme. I also met Bart and Lisa Simpson and Sponge Bob Square Pants. I had my photo taken beside these characters. Sponge Bob Square Pants was a little naughty and kept making strange noises. Today I went on a Jurrasic Park Rollercoaster ride that was a boat and went down an 80 metre drop. Pretty scary and then I went on another rollercoaster ride which was called the Mummy's Return which is based on the movie. The ride was very fast and was very scary, as in the middle of the ride it went backwards all the way to the start. It was my first ride that I've ever been on that has gone backwards in the dark.
Tomorrow I am going to give my stomach a bit of a rest-NO MORE ROLLERCOASTERS.

I am going to Hollywood and this time I am going on a nice smooth bus ride.
I'm going to go to the Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive. Check out the places on the Internet when you get a chance.

Well that's all from me. It is 8:30am at night and I haven't had my dinner yet. Just got back from Universal Studios. I am going to ask the reception whether the restaurant across the road does room service. I read somewhere that it does. I am feeling rather hungry.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Love From Miss Joy Paton

Super Tasi Saves the Day By Tame'e

Joy and Paton keep tagging Ben's books. Ben gets into trouble for doing this and when Ben says it's not him the teacher doesn't believe him. The Principal has $5.00 taken off his desk and Ben knows it was Joy and Paton. In Assembly he asks the whole school. Ben puts up his hand to say that he knows who stole his money, but suddenly the wall moves.

Tune in and hear this exciting story.

Sarah's Troubles

Sarah is ten years old. She has brown curly hair. Sarah gets sworn at every day by Lisa and Kevin. Sarah has no friends to play with. Nobody likes Sarah very much. When Sarah finished her lunch she went to play on the slide and Kevin swore at her. In class Lisa throws Sarah notes with swear words on. One day a new boy called John comes into her classroom and everything changes for the better.

Tune in to hear this exciting story.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Greetings from Los Angeles

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am staying in Anaheim in Los Angeles-United States of America. I am having a fantastic time. I have spent the last two days at Disneyland Park. I have tried nearly all the rides out and have been an adrenaline junkie. I went on Splash Mountain which is a a log ride that goes into the water, Thunder Mountain -a train ride that cuts corners and goes real fast and I have been on those spinning tea cups. At Disneyland I visited 8 different theme parks: Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tiny Toon Land, Frontier Land, Tomorrow Land, Princess Island,
New Orleans, and two other lands in which I will let you know. 
The Airport was a scary experience. The Customs people in Los Angeles wanted me to open my suitcase and felt the inside of my suitcase. I think they thought I had things I shouldn't have in my suitcase, but I didn't. Then they asked me the reasons why I was coming into the country and they wanted my itinerary. Thank goodness I had it on hand and was able to show them all my airtickets, transfers and tickets to attractions. I know what they were thinking. They must have thought that I was going to be working over here. They asked me heaps of questions over and over again. It took about 15 minutes to inspect me and then I was let into the country.  

Apart from this, the American people I have come across have been very friendly. The food is very reasonably priced $9.00 for a burger and fries. $2.00 for a soft drink. In America the portions of food are very huge. No room for desert after dinner!!!

Going to Universal Studios tomorrow.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Love from,

Miss Paton   

The Class of Oranges By June

Every day Chyann got bullied by Nick, Tom, Edward and Matthew. The boys were horrible to Chyann and she hated going to school. Find out what happens when a new teacher comes into the classroom.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Rebecca and Sarah have problems

At School Rebecca and Sarah gets bullied by Dero, Kevin and Tasi. The bullies kept throwing rubbish at Rebecca and Sarah. Rebecca and Sarah hate going to school that their parents have to drag them into their classroom. One day life changes through their new reliever teacher: Miss Jesse. Tune in to listen to this exciting story written by Faamafu.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Jordan gets bullie

Jordan is nine years old. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Jordan is covered in scabs and he cannot talk properly. At school Jordan is bullied by Zach, Michael, Jacob, Tommy and Sharon. Jordan gets tired in being bullied and he tells his Mum. The next day Jordan's Mother went to school to speak to the Principal.

Read how the Principal solves this problem.

Friday, 22 August 2008

City Fires By Isaiah

There was a boy called Anthony. He hated his Mum and Dad because he was always blamed for making fires in the city. Find out who causes the fires and what is done to save the city.

Room 8 Tells Tales

These are not the every day tales that are made by students. These tales are based around Modern Day Fairy Tales. Each of the students stories have their own Super Hero and Arch Villain. As part of the Narrative Writing process we used this structure:

Orientation:-introducing the main characters, setting, time etc.
Problem:-outlining the problem the main character is experiencing
Sequence of events:- the lead up after the problem. 
Resolution:- how the problem is solved

The common themes of the stories were based around bullying, stealing and tagging.
Tune in to listen to some amazing stories, and expect to hear the unexpected. 

Friday, 15 August 2008

Where in the World is Miss Paton? Episode 5

As part of the challenge, you need to be able to comment and ask questions on this blog site. Join Litani as he shows you step by step as to how to go about making comments on the site.

Are you ready for the challenge?
Now let's play Where in the World is Miss Paton?

Where in the World is Miss Paton? Episode 4

To meet your challenge, a vodcast has been made showing how to get to our blogsite. Join Luana, the presenter as she gives clear instructions in how to access the blogsite.

Where in the World is Miss Paton? Episode 3

Your Job, Your Challenge!!!
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Where in the World is Miss Paton? Episode 2

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Where in the World is Miss Paton? Episode 1

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