Friday, 24 July 2009

Recount of Keren spending a day shopping at Sylvia Park

My holidays started on the 4th of July 2009. I was happy when the holidays began.I went to Sylvia Park for a whole day because it was my mum’s birthday.

I went to Sylvia Park’s Café. Here I had a piece of cake and a hot chocolate. My brothers and sisters had a piece of cake and burgers because they did not like Milo.
After that I went to the Warehouse to buy my mum a present. My brothers went to the carving shop to carve my mum’s name onto a little rock to say “Happy Birthday”. Then we went to buy a scooter, a bike and a skateboard .

Finally it was time to go home. We trained there and trained back. When we got out of the train we walked home and had a rest. I really enjoyed my holidays.


Tatiana said...

Hi Keren,

your holidays sure sounds like fun.

nathaniel said...

hi keren you got a cool recount.

mara said...

Hi kerwn I really sure your holiday was awesome and cool