Friday, 24 July 2009

Recount of Tatiana spending a day at Kelly Tarlton's

My holidays was fun because I went to Kelly Tarlton's with my family. We got to see the different types of sea animals.

My family and I saw penguins, whales and lots of other sea creatures. My mum said that all the little children had to pair up with an adult. There were too many children so my brother and I went with my uncle. At Kelly Tarlton's my uncle said that we could take pictures with the camera. My brother took a picture of me looking at the penguins. After a while we were all hungry so all of us met outside and we began eating. My brother was eating like a pig because he was very hungry.

Thereafter we all went home and started talking about how much fun we had. Then we all went to sleep. I had an enjoyable day at Kelly Tarlton's.


keren said...

Hi Tatiana you must of had a really good hoiday at kelly tarltons.

Melelangi said...

Hi Tatiana

did you had a great holiday i hope i go to kelly Tarlton.

From Melelangi

mara said...

Hi tatiana I really liked your writing

by mara