Friday, 14 August 2009

Procedure of changing a baby's nappy by June

AIM: How to change a baby’s nappy

1. A mat
2. wipes
3. cream
4. plastic bags
5. A nappy bag
6. Spare clothes

First Alene put down a mat on the floor.
Next she took off Baby Cooper’s dirty nappy.
Then she wiped used wipes to clean his bottom and cream to prevent nappy rash.
Thereafter Alene put the dirty nappy in a plastic bag.
Next she put Cooper's clean nappy on.
In the end she changed him into his clean set of spare clothes.


Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi June,
Now I know exactly how to change a baby's nappy! I would just find your blog and follow your procedure step by step. Did you enjoy learning how to do it?
From Robbie in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School

siupeli and dennis said...

hi june your wrting is a amazing. by siupeli and dennis.

mara said...

hi june i like your writing