Saturday, 21 June 2008

Johnathan's lost dog

The last Chinese Crested Hairless dog to go missing is Johnathan's dog called Isaiah. Isaiah was last seen tied to a pole at the Pak n' Save Supermarket at Sylvia Park. A very well known place for the Chinese Crested Hairless dogs to go missing. Maybe the dogs are altogether, and they might have all gone to the Panmure Basin (lagoon) just down the road to stretch their legs. We hope Johnathan and the other children get their dogs back as soon as possible. 

Friday, 20 June 2008

Hola's lost dog

Hola has lost his dog Jake. He was tied to a pole beside the trolleys at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. Tune in and listen to Hola's podcast.  

Gary's lost dog

Gary's dog Zombie has got away. This time in Mission Bay. Maybe he's cooling off his sunburn in the water. Tune in and listen to Gary's podcast on his dog Zombie the Chinese Crested Hairless. 

Falesiu's lost dog

Sylvia Park Shopping Mall is the place for losing these Chinese Crested Hairless dogs. This time it's Scruffy Falesiu's dog. He was tied to a pole at outside the Pak n' Save supermarket. Tune in and listen to Falesiu's podcast.

Myo Htat's lost dog

Troy the Chinese Crested Hairless dog went missing from the Glen Innes McDonalds. He gets really bad sun burn if he is left in the sun for too long. Find him fast before the sun gets to him.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Siupeli's lost dog

Poor Siupeli, went into the Food Town Supermarket to buy some groceries and when he got out Jack his Chinese Crested Hairless dog was gone. Jack is allergic to wool and breaks out in a red rash all over his body. Watch out as Jack bites people when he is angry. 

Amanda's lost dog

Sheila the Chinese Crested Hairless dog is on the loose. Amanda is very worried about her very old dog that has everything wrong with her such as a sore back, sore legs, breathing and vision problems. Sheila is ten years old and went missing outside the Pak n' Save in Glen Innes.

Erik's lost dog

Erik's Chinese Crested Hairless dog called Sam is on the loose. He went missing from Tamaki Primary School. Erik was playing in the playground and as he was doing so, his dog went missing. These dogs just love being on the loose. Tune in and listen to Erik's podcast on his lost dog called Sam. 

Luana's lost dog

Oh dear another lost dog!!! Shaggy the Chinese Crested Hairless dog belongs to Luana. She was tied to a pole outside the Warehouse in Henderson. Shaggy looks like a little cow and a rat. Tune in and listen to Luana's lost dog advert.

June's lost dog

Another dog on the loose!!! This time it's June's dog. Cloudy was last seen at Pak n' Save in Henderson. She was wearing a pink collar with diamonds on it.
Tune in to listen to June's dog with the very expensive collar.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

The Silver Reading Group have been learning the School Journal Play "Little Red Riding Hood". This group has been learning the play as part of their independent reading activity. This play was performed in front of the whole school in assembly. As this group did a fantastic job with their performance we thought we would share the play with you as a podcast. Tune in and Enjoy.

Let's meet the Silver Group:

Friday, 13 June 2008

Aaron's lost dog

Aaron's dog Joy the Chinese Crested Hairless went missing outside the ASB Bank in Glen Innes. She was wearing a stylish dog jacket and collar when she went missing. She gets sun burn, rash and pimples, if she is left out in the sun.

Tune in and listen to Aaron's podcast.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Ilaisaane's lost dog

Oh dear, another lost dog. These dogs just love getting away. Ilaisaane left her Chinese Crested Hairless dog Ben outside Pak n' Save in Otara. Listen to her podcast, on her dog Ben. She talks about what he looks like, what he was wearing and his health problems

Friday, 6 June 2008

Melelangi's lost dog

These Chinese Crested Hairless dogs just keep going missing. Melelangi has lost her dog, Cloudy. She is wearing a very expensive pink diamond collar. Tune in and listen to her podcast.

Isaiah's lost dog

Poor, Isaiah left his dog John tied to a red pole near the Warehouse at Sylvia Park. John was wearing a little blue hat and flea collar. Tune in and listen to Isaiah's podcast on John the Chinese Crested Hairless dog.

Tame'e's Lost Dog

Oh no, another dog gone missing. This time it's Snowy, Tame'es dog. Left outside Pak n' Save at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. She was tied to the bench, but must have walked off. Tune in to hear her description of her dog.