Friday, 30 May 2008

Litani's lost dog

Poor Litani has lost his Chinese Crested Hairless Dog Cobbin Blue. He was tied to a pole outside his house, but he is no longer there. Cobbin needs to be brought back to Litani as his dog gets really bad sun burn through being hairless.

Faamafu's Lost Dog

Another lost dog!!! Faamafu left her dog Joe outside the car park at Pak n' Save in Glen Innes. When she got back, Joe was missing. He is an old Chinese Crested Hairless dog and has a sore back and a sore left front leg. If you see him, please return him.

Tatiana's Lost Dog

Oh dear, Tatiana has lost her Chinese Crested Hairless Dog at the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall outside Pak n' Save. Her dog is called Scruffy and it was last seen wearing a red collar with diamonds on it. Have you seen her dog?

Lost Dog Advertisements

This term we have been very busy writing Lost Dog Advertisements for the Chinese Crested Hairless dog. The Chinese Crested Hairless dog was chosen because it is different to the ordinary every day dog and it gets the children thinking about this dogs unique qualities such as its physical appearance and it's health problems through being hairless. The writing was made into posters and then made into podcasts. All advertisements are fictional-There is no lost dog, but this exercise has taught the children a number of things: how to write an advertisement for a lost pet, providing sufficient detail on the appearance of the dog, the date, time and place it went missing and contact details.
We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts.

This is the dog that the children wrote about.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Itchy News

Welcome to the Itchy News.
Join Tame'e and her team of reporters: Siupeli, Faamafu and Amanda as they talk about what fleas are, what they look like and where they live. This segment was part of our Science topic on Arch Villains-The Insect World. This group decided to present their information as a news broadcast (movie). Tune in and hear the news.

For better quality of movie click here

The Flea Show

Welcome to all those new listeners who have joined us from around the world.
Join Tatiana and her team: Johnathan, Litani, Aaron and Mele as they talk about cures and treatments to flea bites. This group had a choice in how they could present their information back to the class. They chose making a movie and they worked together in writing their own script. As this group did a fantastic job of their presentation, we thought it would be a great idea to share the movie with you -our loyal listeners. This movie was integrated with our Science Topic last term on Villains of the Insect World.

For a clearer picture, click here

Samuel punches the ball

At the Swimming Gala, Samuel took part in all the races and had a great time. You will see him at the end of his Vodcast.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Faamafu's Noodle Race

Faamafu had the best day at the Swimming Gala. She loved taking part in all the races. She is featured a number of times in this Vodcast. She is wearing the orange togs and you will see her more at the end with her friends.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tame'e's time at the Swimming Gala

Tame'e loves swimming. She loved taking part in the Dolphin Race. In this vodcast you will see Tame'e in the pink togs at the start of the vodcast. After Tame'e had her race she made the time to talk to the camera about her race. What a star!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Dolphin diving June

Tune in and listen to June's detailed recount of the days events at the Swimming Gala. Watch June towards the end of the vodcast. She is doing dolphin dives and she is wearing the pink and white stripe togs. 

Amanda's amazing time at the Swimming Gala

Amanda had a fantastic time at the Swimming Gala. She took part in all of the races and loved every minute of it. She also loved talking to the camera. What a star!!! You will see her at the end of this vodcast. She is with her friends Tame'e and Mele. She is in the middle wearing the grey T. shirt. 

Aaron observes the Swimming Gala

Poor Aaron ran out of togs and watched from the side line the Swimming Gala. Tune in and listen to his recount. 

Monday, 5 May 2008

Spectator Isaiah tells his story

Isaiah did not take part in the Swimming Gala, but he watched from the side line. He enjoyed watching the races and loved watching the punch ball race.  You will see Isaiah at the beginning of the vodcast. 

Luana watches the Swimming Gala

Luana had an interesting role at the Swimming Gala as she was a spectator. She watched all the participants and cheered her team Kowhai. Tune into hear about her time at the Swimming Gala. You will see Luana and her friend Christy in the last clip of the vodcast.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Melelangi has fun at the Swimming Gala

Melelangi had a wonderful time at the Swimming Gala. Watch her take part in the punching ball race. She is featured in the last clip of the vodcast.


Siupeli's time at the Swimming Gala

Siupeli loved taking part at the Glenbrae School Swimming Gala. Tune in to hear his recount about the races he took part in.