Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recount of a "Roots of Emapthy" session by Alexis

It was Wednesday and we always have a person called Nicole who comes into our class room to teach us about the “Roots of Empathy”. It was so cool. We sang “Hello Baby Cooper” to welcome him.

After that Alene, Baby Cooper’s mum got to show us how to change a baby’s nappy. She also showed us what she carries in her nappy bag.

In the end we did a worksheet on “Feelings”. We also sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper and then they left.


Miss Elia said...

Kia ora, Alexis
I enjoyed reading about your Wednesday session.
Are you able to tell how Baby Cooper is feeling?

Anonymous said...

hi its mara i like writing.

Alexis said...

hi alexis well done

Melelangi said...

Hi Alexis

it me melelangi.
i enjoy reading your root of emapthy

From melelangi

JUNE said...

hi aleis