Monday, 10 August 2009

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy lesson" by Tamika

It was Wednesday afternoon and that was one of my favourite days because we have a special guest that comes into our class. The guest is baby Cooper.

His mother had to change his nappy at during his last visit. Most of the kids were laughing because they thought it was funny. We all got to see what his mother, Alene puts inside his baby bag. The things she puts in were nappies, spare clothes, cream, plastic bags, powder, a changing mat, hat, socks, and also a carton carton of wipes.

After he got changed he was giggling. In the end we got to sing his good bye song. It was now time for baby Cooper to go home.


hola said...

hi tamika its me hola i really liked your recount on roots of empathy

by hola

Anonymous said...

hi tamika i like your writing welldone

by mara

ALEXIS said...

Hay Mika

I really like your story of roots of empathy!