Friday, 23 October 2009

Recount byTatiana

Yesterday Monday the 19th of October 2009 Nicole, Alene and Baby Cooper came to visit Room8 students and Mrs Moopanar for Roots of Empathy lesson.

At Roots of Empathy we sang a welcome song called “Hello Baby Cooper”. Then Alene put baby Cooper on the mat. During the session we all just found out that Baby Cooper had achieved a milestone. His milestone was that he grew his first tooth. After that we gave some toys to Baby Cooper to play with. Next we learnt about empathy. Empathy means understanding people’s feelings.

Finally it was time for Baby Cooper to go home. We sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper and then we shook his foot. Thereafter everyone went home.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Recount of a Roots of Empathy session by Siupeli

Yesterday Nicole came into our class for a Roots of Empathy session. The first thing that she did was set the mat. Then she outside went and waited for Baby Cooper and his mum, Alene. We sang the welcome song when they entered.

Then Alene put Baby Cooper on the mat. Nicole gave a ball to Baby Cooper. Then we sang some nursery rhymes to him. After that Hola gave a book of poems to Baby Cooper.

Finally we sang the goodbye song to him. It was fun to be with Baby Cooper.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Recount of a Roots of Emapthy session by Mara

On Monday the 19 of October 2009, Nicole Alene and Baby Cooper came for a visit to Room 8. They came because we had a Roots of Empathy session. We had to put baby Cooper on the mat and we had to sit in the circle. Alene said that Baby Cooper was getting some teeth and getting heavy. We saw him grabbing toys and trying to crawl.

Then Nicole got her bag and took out her fake doll. She held it and gave it to Baby Cooper smiled and started to dribble. Next we put him back, sang a rhyme to him and gave him a nursery rhymes book. Then Hola had to speak about the book that made last Monday.

Finally we stood in a circle and Alene was holding baby Cooper going around the circle. We sang the good bye song. I had fun.