Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recount of Vaivasa's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

Last term was Room 8’s new theme for Roots of Empathy. Nicole, Alene and Baby Cooper came in. His mum went around while we sang a song to welcome Cooper. We touched his little feet as he went around as well.

Next Alene changed Baby Cooper’s nappy. She put down a mat, cream and a nappy. Cooper’s mum took off his jeans and his dirty nappy and shoed us how to change a baby’s nappy.

In the end we sang another song to say goodbye to Cooper. While we sang, Alene came around the circle again, so we could touch his feet again.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Vaivasa
I enjoyed reading your story about baby Cooper. How do you feel about him and the Roots of Empathy programme?

samuel said...

good jop by samuel

joshua said...

good jon

samuel said...

good joib

saiah said...

Hi vasa
sariah here I love your
story cant waet 2 here your next

from sariah