Friday, 31 July 2009

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Tatiana

Last week on Thursday for P.E Room 8 and Mrs Moopanar had a soccer training lesson with a professional named Manuel. He taught us how to play this game called catch the tail.

We had session on the court. It was very exciting. Manuel taught us how to dribble properly. We had so much fun that we forgot it was a coaching session. After that we had a competition where you had to try and kick the ball to the other side. The last person to remain in the game was the winner. We had so much fun bouncing the ball.

After all that dribbling everybody was exhausted and some might have had stitches.


hola said...

Hi tatiana its me hola i really like your story about the soccer coching session and how u put effort in to ur work on the soccer coaching session

by hola

sariah said...

hi tatiana
sariah here that story
of yours is a lovely story
cant wate to read your next

by sariah

vaivasa said...

hi tatiana
its me vaivasa your recount is vaivasa

Melelangi said...

Hi Tatiana

I really like your soccer session

From Melelangi