Friday, 29 May 2009

Narrative of how Maui slows the sun rewritten by Vaivasa

Maui and the sun

The sun was going to fast and the people in the island couldn’t do much work. They had only a little bit of day time and more night time.

Maui had a bright idea and he called out to his brothers to come and help him. So Maui taught his brothers how to tie a knot to trap the sun. Maui got a special rope. Once Maui and his brothers tied up a strong, tight knot on the sun, the sun slowed down and everyone was proud of Maui.

People in the village were happy because they had enough of time during the day.

By Vaivasa


Sela said...

Hey Vaivasa

That is a great story. I really enjoyed reading how Maui slowed the sun down.
Keep up the good work.

From Sela
Tamaki Intermediate

Miss Elia said...

Hi Vaivasa
I enjoyed your story about how Maui slowed down the sun. The way you set it out in paragraphs made it easy to read. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Good Narritave on Maui And The Sun.. Thats a fasinating story too.

Panmure Bridge Rm6