Thursday, 27 August 2009

Procedure of making "horrible hands" by Tatiana

Aim: How to make horrible hands

Materials used:
.Food colouring
.Clean rubber gloves
.Rubber bands

Steps involved:
1. Fill the jug with water.
2. Add a few drops of food colouring.
3. Pour the water into a rubber glove.
4. Tie the glove with a rubber band.
5. Put the glove into a freezer. Make sure the fingers don’t touch.
6. Leave it in for one day and night.
7. When the water's frozen take it out and put it on a plate for 15 minutes.
8. Cut off the rubber bands.
9. Slip the frozen hand out of the glove.
10. Put the hand into a jug of water but if it breaks use them for icky ice blocks.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Procedure of changing a baby's nappy by June

AIM: How to change a baby’s nappy

1. A mat
2. wipes
3. cream
4. plastic bags
5. A nappy bag
6. Spare clothes

First Alene put down a mat on the floor.
Next she took off Baby Cooper’s dirty nappy.
Then she wiped used wipes to clean his bottom and cream to prevent nappy rash.
Thereafter Alene put the dirty nappy in a plastic bag.
Next she put Cooper's clean nappy on.
In the end she changed him into his clean set of spare clothes.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Procedure of changing a baby's nappy by Melelangi

Aim: How to change a baby’s nappy.

Materials used:
Disposable nappy
Plastic bag
Nappy bag
Spare clothes

Steps involved:
Firstly Alene put a mat down.
Then she used wipes to clean Baby Cooper.
Thereafter, Alene used a cream on Cooper’s bottom.
After that she put on baby Cooper's new disposable nappy.
Next she put the dirty nappy in a plastic bag.
Finally she put on baby Cooper's spare set of clothes.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recount of Vaivasa's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

Last term was Room 8’s new theme for Roots of Empathy. Nicole, Alene and Baby Cooper came in. His mum went around while we sang a song to welcome Cooper. We touched his little feet as he went around as well.

Next Alene changed Baby Cooper’s nappy. She put down a mat, cream and a nappy. Cooper’s mum took off his jeans and his dirty nappy and shoed us how to change a baby’s nappy.

In the end we sang another song to say goodbye to Cooper. While we sang, Alene came around the circle again, so we could touch his feet again.

Recount of Mara's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

In Room 8 a women named Nicole came for a visit. She taught us about changing a baby’s nappy. She brought a nappy bag and a plastic bag. She also brought Baby Cooper along with his mum called Alene. We had to sit Baby Cooper on the mat. We sang the welcome song called “Hello Baby Cooper and how you are?” when baby Cooper entered our classroom.

We compared the disposable nappy with the cloth nappy. We discussed in groups about which one costs more, which one is more comfortable and the one that is more convenient to use.

After a group discussion, we realised that although the disposable nappy costs more, it is more comfortable and convenient to use. Then we went back on the mat and sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper. We get to touch his toes while singing this song. We have lots of fun with during our “Roots of Empathy” lesson especially with Baby Cooper.

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy" lesson by June

Last week Nicole came to Room Eight to teach us a “Roots of Empathy” lesson. She gave us a worksheet about “Feelings”.

We sat in groups and discussed the “Feelings” worksheet. We had to match photographs of angry, happy and sad people.

It was interesting to learn about how people feel and why they feel that way.

Recount of a "Roots of Emapthy" session by Alexis

It was Wednesday and we always have a person called Nicole who comes into our class room to teach us about the “Roots of Empathy”. It was so cool. We sang “Hello Baby Cooper” to welcome him.

After that Alene, Baby Cooper’s mum got to show us how to change a baby’s nappy. She also showed us what she carries in her nappy bag.

In the end we did a worksheet on “Feelings”. We also sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper and then they left.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy" lesson by Keren


Last Wednesday we had Roots of Empathy. The song we sang in the beginning was Baby Cooper’s welcome song. We always sing to him his welcome song to make him feel comfortable.

After that Alene, his mum got to show us what and how to change a baby’s nappy. She needed some things like cream and wipes to change his nappy. She also brings plastic bags to put baby Cooper’s dirty nappies in. We asked her some questions about nappies. She preferred disposable nappies because they were convenient. It also costed lots but she did not mind.

In the end we did a worksheet and then we sang Baby Cooper’s goodbye song. I really enjoyed the Roots of Empathy lesson.

By Keren

Recount of a "Roots of Empathy lesson" by Tamika

It was Wednesday afternoon and that was one of my favourite days because we have a special guest that comes into our class. The guest is baby Cooper.

His mother had to change his nappy at during his last visit. Most of the kids were laughing because they thought it was funny. We all got to see what his mother, Alene puts inside his baby bag. The things she puts in were nappies, spare clothes, cream, plastic bags, powder, a changing mat, hat, socks, and also a carton carton of wipes.

After he got changed he was giggling. In the end we got to sing his good bye song. It was now time for baby Cooper to go home.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Recount of Keren's soccer coaching session

Last Thursday for PE Room 8 had soccer a coaching session. Before we started we did a warm up for the day.

I got really excited when Manuel our coach told us what we were going to be doing .Manuel said that we were going to be dribbling the ball. I really like dribbling but sometimes I get exhausted. We played two exciting games after we practised our dribbling.

Eventually our soccer coaching session was over with Manuel. I really enjoyed the soccer coaching session and learnt many new soccer skills.

Recount of Hola's soccer coaching session

Last Thursday Room 8 went for a soccer lesson. Manuel was the coach.

The first game we played was called “tails.” We had to pull the ‘tails’ off other students. Litani won. Then we played “Kick the ball out”. Here we had to kick the balls of other students out. No one won.

Everyone was exhausted. We enjoyed the soccer training.