Thursday, 11 June 2009

Narrative of Maui and Irawaru rewritten by Keren

One day Hinauri, Maui’s sister brought her husband Irawaru to visit her brother Maui. He was always annoying when they went gardening.

While Irawaru was there they went fishing in the waka. Irawaru caught a king fish because he cheated by using a barbde hook. Maui caught more fish as he was smart.

Thereafter Maui got so annoyed that he put the waka on Irawaru’s back and jumped on him until he was flattened. He pulled his back bone into a tail. He changed his jaw into a dog’s jaw and Irawaru became a dog.

When Maui’s sister saw Irawaru she jumped into the ocean. She made it to another Island and married someone else.


S said...

You have work hard on this. Great effort

vaivasa said...

Hi Keren you did a good narrative.

tamika said...

hi keren I your work is really good.

tamika said...

hi keren I your work is really good.

vaelupe said...

hi keren you did a col story.

MeleT said...

Hi Keren

Your dog look so big. your work is so wonderful.I wish that was my did a good narrative .your work is so cool.I wonder were you got your dog from.

From Mele Tomasi.

Miss Elia said...

Hi Keren
I enjoyed reading your retell of this story. You included a lot of detail in your description of how Maui changed Irawaru into a dog, which made me picture him doing it. Well done!
I think the dog picture you chose fits the story well. Where did you find it?