Friday, 31 July 2009

Recount of a soccer coaching session by Alexis

On Thursday after Maths we got to learn soccer skills with Manuel, the coach. We played a game called “Tail”. It was really funny. I was excited about training with Manuel. All of us were kicking a ball. We played on the court.

We had to dribble the balls to the other side of the court. That was a competition. We were catching each other. All of us played a game of soccer. After soccer we played another game.

We were exhausted but it was a lot of fun. When the soccer lesson was nearly finished we all played one more game. I am looking forward to the next session with Manuel.


June said...

hi alexis

i like your story about the soccer training. keep up the good work

Keren said...

Hi Alexis I really enjoyed reading your recount and you are also good at using adjectives.