Thursday, 3 September 2009

Procedure of Making a Porotaka by Hola

Aim: How to make a Porotaka

Materials used:
• Flax
• Stick
• Nail

Steps involved:
• Fold a strip of flax.
• Place another strip of flax inside the fold.
• Weave strip the first strip of flax around the second strip.
• Pull the four ends tightly to form a square
• Trim the blades of flax so that they are the same length.
• Nail it to a stick.


Miss Elia said...

Malo e lelei, Hola\
You wrote the instructions for making a porotaka very clearly. It would be easy for someone to make one following your instructions.

Are they fun to play with? It would be good if you wrote a little bit about what you can do with a porotaka, to encourage your readers to have a go at making one.

mara said...

i really like your writing.

by Mara