Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Recount of Keren's soccer coaching session

Last Thursday for PE Room 8 had soccer a coaching session. Before we started we did a warm up for the day.

I got really excited when Manuel our coach told us what we were going to be doing .Manuel said that we were going to be dribbling the ball. I really like dribbling but sometimes I get exhausted. We played two exciting games after we practised our dribbling.

Eventually our soccer coaching session was over with Manuel. I really enjoyed the soccer coaching session and learnt many new soccer skills.


hola said...

Hi keren its me hola i really liked your story on the soccer coaching session

by hola

joshua said...

goob job be joshua

veronica said...

hi keren

by myo htat

June leona said...

hi keren

welldone and keep up the good work