Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Clause 6 We look after ourselves

Join Awhina and her team of experts to find out what clause 6 "We look after ourselves" means. 

Friday, 7 March 2008

Clause 5 We are honest

Learn about ways we can be honest at Glenbrae School. Jimmy (interviewer) asks Isaiah, Siupeli and Johnathan about what this clause means to them.

Clause 4 We listen to people

Find out what this clause means: We listen to people". Join Luana and her team as they discuss the meaning behind this clause. 

Clause 3 We look after Property

Join our interviewer June to find out what the clause "We look after property" means at Glenbrae School. She interviews Mele, Tatiana and Teresa to find out the real meaning of this clause.

Clause 2 We work hard

Find out what the clause: "We work hard means". Tame'e (interviewer) asks our panel of experts Myo Htat and Litani what working hard means to them. 

Clause 1 We are gentle, kind and helpful

Tame'e, Davinia and Kato have been interpreting the meaning behind this school rule. Join Tame'e (interviewer) in finding out what this rule means at Glenbrae School.