Sunday, 27 April 2008

Johnathan's fun at the Swimming Gala

Join Johnathan as he talks about his favourite race at the Swimming Gala.

Erik's dolphin dive race

Erik had a great time taking part in the swimming gala. Tune in and watch him race doing the dolphin dives.

Tatiana's time at the Swimming Gala

On Friday March 14th, the senior school students took part in the Swimming Gala. It was an exciting time. Tatiana loved all the events. Her favourite event was the Noodle Race. Tune in and watch her take part in this race.

The Swimming Gala

Get ready to listen to our Vodcasts.
The Glenbrae Podcast Artists are busy again, recounting on the exciting events that happen at Glenbrae School. This time the team have created vodcasts on the school's Swimming Gala.

Tune in and listen to their amazing recounts.
Dive your way into the action!!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Ilaisaane's time with Nana and Papa

Ilaisaane gets very excited in meeting her Nana and Papa in Tonga. Tune in and listen to this moving recount.

Samuel plays Need for Speed

Samuel loves going to his Uncle's because he has a Play Station. Samuel play the game Need for Speed. It is a car game. Tune into hear more of his recount.

Falesiu's time at Rainbows End

Falesiu had a wonderful time at Rainbows End. Her favourite ride is the Corkscrew Rollercoaster. Tune in and listen to how she felt when she went on this scary ride.

Myo Htat plays Playstation Games

Myo Htat loves going round to his cousin's house to play Play Station games. He plays the game Dragon Ball Z. If you're a fan of Dragon Ball Z or Play Station, you'll love this recount.

Melelangi's time at Okahu Bay

Melelangi loves playing in the sand at Okahu Bay. She builds big sandcastles and decorates them with shells. Tune in to hear Melelangi's recount

Gary's near drowning experience

Gary had a scary experience when he almost drowned in the waves at Red Bay. Tune into hear who rescued him.

Hola goes to the park

Hola loves playing on the monkey bars, sliding on the slide and going on the balancing beam. Tune into hear Hola's exciting recount.

Amanda's time at her Dad's house

Amanda loves the food at her Dad's house. Tune in to this recount as it will make your mouth water, over the delicious food Amanda has at her Dad's house.

Faamafu's fun time at her friend's house

Faamafu loves going round to her friend's house to play. She enjoys blowing bubbles and eating ice cream with her friend Miriam.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Davinia has fun at Chipmunks Leisure Centre

Davinia loves going down the long red slide, that is as long as our classes alphabet chart. Tune in to find out more about her time at Chipmunks.

Johnathan's time at Toyworld

Johnathan loves visiting the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. His favourite shop is Toyworld. Tune in and find out the toys Johnathan likes at Toyworld.

Mele's fun at St Helier's Beach

Mele loves going to St Helier's Beach, but her cousin pushes her in the icy cold waters. Tune in to listen Mele's recount and what she does to her cousin.

Luana's shopping trip to Pak n' Save

Luana enjoys shopping at Pak n' Save Supermarket. Tune in and listen to her recount on her visit to Pak n' Save.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

June's time at St Helier's Beach

June loves splashing water at St Helier's Beach. If you love beaches, you will definitely enjoy listening to June's recount.

Tatiana goes shopping

Check out Tatiana's recount on her shopping visit to Pak 'n Save.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Isaiah's time at Mission Bay

Isaiah loves visiting Mission Bay - a lovely golden beach in Auckland. In his recount, he talks about making sand castles.

Erik's fun at the park

Tune in and listen to Erik's recount on the fun he has with his cousin at the park

Siupeli's time at his Nana's

Siupeli loves visiting his Nana in Otara. Tune in and listen to his recount

Tame'e's Uncles House recount

Tame'e loves making banana cake with her uncle. Tune in and enjoy listening to Tame'e's recount

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Litani's Hawaiian Recount

Tune in and listen to Litani's recount on his exciting trip to Hawaii

Let the recounts begin

The writers are busy again in Room 8. They have been working on sequencing their ideas correctly and making sure that their writing appeals to you "our audience". They have put together some excellent recounts on their favourite outings. Tune in and Enjoy.