Friday, 22 May 2009

Recount on Mother's Day: Aaron

This recount is about how Aaron spent Mother's day with his mum. They went to Valentine's for dinner and then went to their nan's house.


Anonymous said...

hi Aaron you are a good reteller .FROM KEREN

Keren said...

Hi Aaron you are a really good story teller and you can speak very clearly. From Keren

Miss Dekker said...

Aaron, I think you spoke very clearly as you told us about what you did with your mum on Mother's Day. You did a very nice thing by making her breakfast in bed:)

Mrs. Clark (student teacher Pt. England school) said...

Hello Aaron,
How lovely of you to make breakfast for your mum. I am sure she felt very spoilt. I liked your blog, you speak clearly. Keep up the good work.
Ps: Maybe you can make breakfast for your mum even if it is not Mother's Day!

Toreka said...

Hi Aaron,
Your mum must be very lucky to have had breakfast in bed! My dad and I woke up to make breakfast for our mum too. Did you have a good time at Valentines

Good Work!

Toreka Pt England Rm15