Friday, 5 June 2009

Narrative of Maui and Tunaroa rewitten by Fa'amafu

Maui’s wife, Hina went for a bath in the water. Then the eel saw Hina and fell in love with her.

The eel was chasing Hina. So Maui was jealous. He set a trap for the eel and used a net to get back Hina.

Maui stabbed the eel’s head and turned it into a fish and Maui got back with Hina. They lived happily ever after.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Fa'amafu
I enjoyed eeading your narrative about Maui and Tunaroa. You wrote very clearly. Well done.

Anonymous said...

wow that was fasanating after i herd that jimmy came to your school ..


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenbrae it me Jimmy it nice photo
from jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dear guys you have really interesting staff for your school and i hope you keep it up.....lots of facts about your staff I enjoy reading you narritive about maui.
PBS R6 by Raeleigh

June said...

hi fa'amafu its me june i just want to come by and say welldone and keep up the good work

Sela, Chyann and Olivia said...

Hi Fa'amafu
Sela, Chyann and Olivia here.
We really liked your narrative.
It was very interesting.Well Done!!
Goodbye for now!

Chyann said...

Hey Fa'amafu,
great narrative on Maui and Tunaroa.Wonderful could be an author when you grow up.keep up the excellent work.
by Chyann

AKE PBS RM6 said...

Hi what a fantastic video. i want to hear more about this cool videos

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!