Friday, 31 July 2009

Recount of Mara's soccer coaching session

On Thursday after Maths I went out for soccer with my class. We were coached by a man called Manuel. We played a game called “Catch the tail.” Someone had to catch a “tail” from another person.

The next game was with the soccer ball. There had to be two taggers and the rest of the players had to be with the ball. When Manuel said: “Run” we had to run. Then two people had to tag us and we had to freeze. People could rescue us. They had to go around us. After that we had another game. We had to have two kickers that were going to kick the ball out. We had to run away from them and try not to get the ball out. We had two rounds.

At the end we had to go back to class because it was the next class’ turn to go. It was really fun.

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