Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recount of Mara's "Roots of Empathy" lesson

In Room 8 a women named Nicole came for a visit. She taught us about changing a baby’s nappy. She brought a nappy bag and a plastic bag. She also brought Baby Cooper along with his mum called Alene. We had to sit Baby Cooper on the mat. We sang the welcome song called “Hello Baby Cooper and how you are?” when baby Cooper entered our classroom.

We compared the disposable nappy with the cloth nappy. We discussed in groups about which one costs more, which one is more comfortable and the one that is more convenient to use.

After a group discussion, we realised that although the disposable nappy costs more, it is more comfortable and convenient to use. Then we went back on the mat and sang a goodbye song to Baby Cooper. We get to touch his toes while singing this song. We have lots of fun with during our “Roots of Empathy” lesson especially with Baby Cooper.


Miss Elia said...

Kia ora, Mara
I enjoyed what you wrote about Baby Cooper. I heard on the news the other day that someone is trying to find a way to make disposable nappies biodegradeable. That would be good for our planet!

How does Baby Cooper react when you sing to him?

Alexis said...

Hi Mara it's me Alexis i like you'r story.

hola said...

Hi mara its me hola i really liked your recount on your lesson you learnt about disposable nappeis

by hola

ALEXIS said...

hay mara well done

mara said...

I am really proud of myself

by mara