Sunday, 25 January 2009

2009 Changes

2009 brings together some new exciting changes. The class who originally took part in the creation of this blog site in 2008 have moved up a class level. The Class room teacher Miss Joy Paton who administered this blog site has also shifted schools. This site may continue through the new teacher, as part of their EHSAS project.

Miss Paton has not gone forever within the cluster. You can follow what Miss Paton's class is up to and what the children are learning on a new blogsite that is being created at her new school.
Here is the link to Miss Paton's blogsite called Creative Voice:

On behalf of Miss Paton and the class of 2008, we would like to THANK our viewers and listeners for their continued support during 2008. We have loved integrating our literacy programme into our e-learning programme. A highlight for me as the classroom teacher was sharing my Overseas Trip to the USA and Canada with you.
Do support this site and the other sites listed during 2009. At the moment there are some excellent samples of children's writing and great examples of oral language on this site. Tune in and listen to Interviews, Recounts, Poetry, Plays, Reports and a whole lot more.

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Rita said...

Hi Vaivasa,
Its Makerita here I liked your blog I wish I were there. So did you feel excited or were you sad to leave your home? Please answer back I'll come and check tommorow.
From Rita at PT.England school.