Sunday, 4 May 2008

Siupeli's time at the Swimming Gala

Siupeli loved taking part at the Glenbrae School Swimming Gala. Tune in to hear his recount about the races he took part in.



Anonymous said...

hi siupeli,
congratulations siupeli you have done very well on you speaking.
you spoke very clearly during your vodcast. you used expression so well.

june and tatiana

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Siupeli
Another superb podcast from you. Well done!
I am hearing about all kinds of wonderful events at your swimming gala - but running at swimming? That sounds different. You must have been very fit to do all those activities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Burt
Thank you for sending those kind words to me. It was hard running down the pool, because the water was pushing my togs.
I loved making this vodcast.


Mangila said...

I like swimming too