Friday, 9 May 2008

Dolphin diving June

Tune in and listen to June's detailed recount of the days events at the Swimming Gala. Watch June towards the end of the vodcast. She is doing dolphin dives and she is wearing the pink and white stripe togs. 


Miss Paton said...

Well done June You spoke clearly.

Miss Paton

Miss Lavakula R10 said...

Hi June,
I enjoyed listening to your story about your swimming gala. You are very good at reading with lots of expression. Well done! Was it an all day event?

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

I really enjoyed your vodcast.You used lots and lots of expression and you spoke clearly.You also spoke loudly.You are very good at it.


Erika said...

Hello june.
Hi june its just me erika.I loved your podcast liked how you spoke cleary.and you have good.

Chyann Finau said...

June you spoke very clear.Great work it was great.

PHILLIP said...