Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tame'e's time at the Swimming Gala

Tame'e loves swimming. She loved taking part in the Dolphin Race. In this vodcast you will see Tame'e in the pink togs at the start of the vodcast. After Tame'e had her race she made the time to talk to the camera about her race. What a star!!!


Tamaki Primary School said...

The swimming looked like fun. You made it sound cool

Mrs Burt said...

I am enjoying looking at your work on this blog Tame'e. You just keep getting better and better each time. You must enjoy writing because you are so good at it.

Mrs Burt

Miss Paton said...

Hi Tame'e,

Congratulations for speaking clearly and with expression. Your writing is well sequenced and you have used personal feelings.

Well Done,
Keep up the great work,

Miss Paton

Bex said...

Kia ora Tame'e,
My name is Rebbecca and I work at the Ministry of Education in Wellington.
I really enjoyed your vodcast and I agree with Miss Paton - you speak very clearly and with great expression! I can tell you really love swimming and you're very good at it!!
:) Rebbecca

Mrs Boyer said...

Hi Tame'e
Fantastic speaking! You are loud enough to hear easily and all your words are very clear. Great success.

Anonymous said...

Well done Glen Brae,
I really enjoyed hearing about your swimming Gala. You are lucky having your own swimming pool at school.
You sound like you had a really great time.
Have a lovely day.
Mrs Jarman
Pt England schol

Anonymous said...

Hi tame'e this is sosaia and josh it look so cool swimming .Hope you do well in your next comp

By sosaia and josh
room06 tamaki intermediate