Friday, 30 May 2008

Faamafu's Lost Dog

Another lost dog!!! Faamafu left her dog Joe outside the car park at Pak n' Save in Glen Innes. When she got back, Joe was missing. He is an old Chinese Crested Hairless dog and has a sore back and a sore left front leg. If you see him, please return him.


Anonymous said...

You described your dog very well Faamafu.
Mrs Gleeson

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Fa'amafu
I enjoyed listening to your podcast and your description of Joe. I don't think a supermarket is a very good place to take a dog is it? I'm sure that if you had really lost him this advertisement would have been just what was needed to get him back.

Keep up the good writing

Mrs Burt

Pepe said...

Hi Faamafu,

I really enjoyed your story.It was really intresting.I liked how you used those powerfull words,that just makes your story even more better.I hope that I will find your dog Joe so I can get that good reward... Hehe... keep up that great effort....

Much love, Cousin Pepe

miss elia said...

Kia ora, Faamafu

What a lot of good detail you gave in your description of Joe. He would be very easy for someone to recognise from your description.

Well done.

Miss Elia