Sunday, 4 May 2008

Melelangi has fun at the Swimming Gala

Melelangi had a wonderful time at the Swimming Gala. Watch her take part in the punching ball race. She is featured in the last clip of the vodcast.



Anonymous said...

Hi Melelangi
I need to speaking cearly and
loudly.I need to speak high and
low.I need to do expression

from Melelangi

Anonymous said...

hi melelangi,

i really liked the way you spoke clearly and loudly. you used heaps of expression through your vodcast. keep it up melelangi and maybe next time you will get a prize.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melelngi
I liked the way you spoke loudly and clearly.Im looking forward to hear more of your podcast.I also liked way the you used excited.


Mrs Burt said...

That was great Melelagi. I am glad we saw you at the end. You looked like you were having such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Glen Brae

This is Lana and
from Tamaki Primary School.

I just want to say hi to Tiana Alova and Christy Alova and James Alova.

Have a great day.
By Lana

Amanda said...

HI Melelangi

You are speaking clearly and loudly.