Friday, 9 May 2008

Amanda's amazing time at the Swimming Gala

Amanda had a fantastic time at the Swimming Gala. She took part in all of the races and loved every minute of it. She also loved talking to the camera. What a star!!! You will see her at the end of this vodcast. She is with her friends Tame'e and Mele. She is in the middle wearing the grey T. shirt. 


Kids Expo - Art Alive said...

Hi Amanda
What a lovely clear speaking voice you have. I enjoyed listening to your recount and seeing in the video who it was doing the speaking.
Good on you
Mrs Burt

Room 8 said...

Hi Amanda,

You spoke clearly and used expression. You sounded very enthusiastic. Well done for speaking loudly.

Room 8 & Miss Paton

Setaita said...

Amand you are so good keep the effort up!