Monday, 5 May 2008

Spectator Isaiah tells his story

Isaiah did not take part in the Swimming Gala, but he watched from the side line. He enjoyed watching the races and loved watching the punch ball race.  You will see Isaiah at the beginning of the vodcast. 


Anonymous said...

hi Isaiah,

i really enjoyed your vodcast. you used lots of expression keep it up.
you should be very pleased with how you spoke clearly.


Anonymous said...

hi isaiah
I really like the way you used a lot of exiting words

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Isaiah
You wrote about the swimming gala from a spectators perspective very well. Too bad you couldn't take part as it looked like a beautiful sunny day. Was it hot when you were just watching?

room8 said...

hi isaiah

isaiah you speaing loudly and clearly .


Erik room8.

Anonymous said...

Hi isaiah I really liked your vodcast you spoke clearly and loud.

Anonymous said...