Friday, 30 May 2008

Tatiana's Lost Dog

Oh dear, Tatiana has lost her Chinese Crested Hairless Dog at the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall outside Pak n' Save. Her dog is called Scruffy and it was last seen wearing a red collar with diamonds on it. Have you seen her dog?


Anonymous said...

Your message was very clear Tatiana. You gave all of the information I would need to identify your dog and get it back to you. Well done!
Mrs Gleeson

Alex said...

Hi Tatiana

thanks for your podcast

from Alex

Alex said...

Hi Tatiana

thanks for your podcast

from Alex

vania said...

hi tatian
I am sorry to hera your dog got lost.


Manaiakalani said...
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Manaiakalani said...

HI Tatiana
This is an excellent advertisement for a lost dog. You spoke so clearly and gave heaps of details about your dog. I really liked some of the interesting words you used in this podcast.
Well done.
Mrs Burt

luana said...

Hi Tatiana

I loved your podcast it was awsome.
You spoke clearly and loudly. I might want to hear and see more podcast from you.


mele said...

Hi Tatiana

You did a great job on your lost dog.Keep it up.You need to speek loud and cleariy.You have a great voice.You have a great podcast.I am so sorry that you lost your dog.You did a graet job tatiana.Thank you.


Ilaisaane said...

Hi Tatiana

You have a graet voice.KEEP it up.I am sorry that you lost your dog.

miss elia said...


What a lovely, clear description you gave of your dog. You spoke loudly and clearly, too.

Well done!

Miss Elia

Cherish said...

Hi Tatiana

I loved the exsption in your voice.

Sorry about the lost dog hope you find it.

From Cherish