Sunday, 25 May 2008

Itchy News

Welcome to the Itchy News.
Join Tame'e and her team of reporters: Siupeli, Faamafu and Amanda as they talk about what fleas are, what they look like and where they live. This segment was part of our Science topic on Arch Villains-The Insect World. This group decided to present their information as a news broadcast (movie). Tune in and hear the news.

For better quality of movie click here


Anonymous said...

Hello this is Sabrina and Moli here we have seen your itchy news broadcast. We liked your guys interesting facts about fleas. We really liked the presenter Tatiana two thumbs up for you.We hope to hear from you soon.

students of Tamaki Intermediate
Moli and Sabrina
from room 6 yr 8.

Anonymous said...

I thought your news braodcast was very professional, it was well edited and you all spoke really clearly. It was so real I am starting to scratch!!
Mrs Gleeson

Vivienne, Rm 10 said...

Your movie is cool and it was all about fleas. I wish I could be a flea.I can easily imagine being a flea.
Vivienne, Al Jay, Logan.

MANASE said...

Hi my name Manase.I really injoyed your show.

NOPERA said...

Hi flea show your show was so COOL.


timote said...

it was fun watching you