Friday, 30 May 2008

Litani's lost dog

Poor Litani has lost his Chinese Crested Hairless Dog Cobbin Blue. He was tied to a pole outside his house, but he is no longer there. Cobbin needs to be brought back to Litani as his dog gets really bad sun burn through being hairless.


Anonymous said...

That is a huge reward Litani, Cobbin muyst bve a very special dog. I liked the way you explained the problems he has being hairless. Well done!
Mrs Gleeson

St. Pius - Room 6 said...

Fascinating!!!!! You were very specific with the information you gave about your dog. We do have a question....Is this a true story or did you make it up?

Room 6

Lyricyst said...

Hi Litani

I like the way you spoke clearly.


miss elia said...

Gosh, Litani

What a big reward you offered. I hope someone has returned your precious dog.

You spoke very clearly on your podcast.
Good on you!

Miss Elia