Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Flea Show

Welcome to all those new listeners who have joined us from around the world.
Join Tatiana and her team: Johnathan, Litani, Aaron and Mele as they talk about cures and treatments to flea bites. This group had a choice in how they could present their information back to the class. They chose making a movie and they worked together in writing their own script. As this group did a fantastic job of their presentation, we thought it would be a great idea to share the movie with you -our loyal listeners. This movie was integrated with our Science Topic last term on Villains of the Insect World.

For a clearer picture, click here


Mr Webb said...

I loved the music! Whoever did the flea show rap is really talented and it really helped you understand about fleas. I liked the flea bomb that Aaron had in the video! Well done Glenbrae!

Litani said...

Hi Mr webb

Thank you for sending us a comment.
We are looking foward to seeing more of your comments.


Gary said...

Hi THE flea show

I really liked the show it looked fun.


alaska said...

u rock

lance said...

hi ,who ever did the rap is realy talented

from lance

Chyann Finau said...

that was great kids are very talented.Y ou kids have really tought me a lesson.

From Chyann Finau.

Alaska said...

hi flea show
I love the way yous did your show and your rap.

Evelyn said...

Hi it's Evelyn leona here. Well that was as a nice podcast and I like how you spoke in a clear voice

That was amazing


Nathan said...

Hi flea show,
that was great music.I really enjoyed it.
From Nathan Leona

Anonymous said...

Helo room 8 this is Zecillia and Gaifo from Tamaki intermediate room 06. That was really awesome,that was interesting facts about fleas.Well done Guys keep it up.

From Zecillia,Gaifo and Jasmine.
Tamaki Intermediate school room06.

tamakitoday said...

The flea show is very interesting and cool!
the music was also cool.
by Victor and Evandah
room06 Tamiki intermediate.

fusi said...

Hi flea show

I like the beat box

from fusi,ashton,topu.