Friday, 30 May 2008

Lost Dog Advertisements

This term we have been very busy writing Lost Dog Advertisements for the Chinese Crested Hairless dog. The Chinese Crested Hairless dog was chosen because it is different to the ordinary every day dog and it gets the children thinking about this dogs unique qualities such as its physical appearance and it's health problems through being hairless. The writing was made into posters and then made into podcasts. All advertisements are fictional-There is no lost dog, but this exercise has taught the children a number of things: how to write an advertisement for a lost pet, providing sufficient detail on the appearance of the dog, the date, time and place it went missing and contact details.
We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts.

This is the dog that the children wrote about.


Maungaraki Team said...

Wow guys... you really had me going for a minute there. Although I did think it a bit strange that the same type of dog could be lost by students in the same class. Great Job with your Lost Dog advertisements, very real. Mrs Smith

Terah said...

Good words.