Friday, 9 May 2008

Aaron observes the Swimming Gala

Poor Aaron ran out of togs and watched from the side line the Swimming Gala. Tune in and listen to his recount. 


Kids Expo - Art Alive said...

That must have been very disappointing for you Aaron to miss out on the swimming gala. From everything I have seen on this blog it looks like such a cool event. I do hope that next year you get your togs sorted and are able to participate.
Mrs Burt

Bex said...

Kia ora Aaron
I liked hearing you speak about the swimming gala - it is great that you still took part even though you ran out of togs!! I can tell from what you said that you enjoyed the day as a spectator.

from Rebbecca at the Ministry of Education in Wellington :)

Mrs Boyer said...

Hi Aaron,
I liked the pace that you read your recount. It was clear and easy to hear.

ashton said...

Hi Aaron

you spoke clearly.

from Ashton

bradley said...

Hi Aaron

I liked your podcast. you spoke clealy.