Thursday, 24 June 2010

Narrative retold by Jonah

Once upon a time there was a mum and a dad who had three children. One day mum and two of the children went for a holiday. One child called Tamati stayed with his dog and his dad.

One night Tamati and his dad were eating dinner and Sam wanted to eat. Then Tamati gave Sam some food of his.

After eating they watched a DVD. Then Tamati went to sleep. The fire alarm went: “Beep, beep, beep.” Tamati called out: “Fire, fire, fire.” He got out through the front door. Then Tamati told Sam: “Don’t go in there.” They went to the meeting place.

Tamati’s dad rang 111 and the firemen came and put out the fire. They were now safe and lived happily ever after.


james.m said...

Hi jona it,s james i like your stoy about tamati and sam get firewise your pecar it,s grat and cool.

joan said...

what a great story you have

from joan

Gemima said...

what an excellent story you have done on fire.

Plessius Family said...

Hi Jonah,
I liked the way you included lots of charachters in your story, including a pet. It was an interesting story - I can tell you have learnt lots from the fire safety lessons at school.
Karl's mum

aj said...

I really liked your story because
you spoke clearley.