Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Narrative by Christy

http://www.raytownfire.com/images/house_on_fire.jpgOnce upon a time in a house there lived a mum called Jessie with 3 children.

One night Jessie went outside to have a smoke while the children were sleeping. Then she wanted to go to the toilet. So she left the cigarette on the window sill. When she came back from the toilet she saw fire. So she shouted: “Fire, fire, fire”. All the children got down, got low and got out.

Jessie dialled 111. The firemen came and put out the fire. They were safe and lived happily ever


danielle said...

Hi Christy

I can see that you have been stading fire I like how ypu said that the mother said fire three times loud.

from your best friend danielle

christy .Tuliau said...

To chrisy
I like your level on the hellison's mdoel.

Hannah said...

Hi Christy I really like your story about fire in the house it was great and Wonderful I enjoyed it.

christy . Tuliau said...

To Christy . Tuliau
I like your story about the fire on the house.

June said...

hi christy i can see that you have learn't alot about fire

anamanu said...

hi Christy ,

I really liked your story it was so awsome.

Danielle said...

hi christy
good work on fire