Monday, 21 June 2010

Narrative by Siupeli
Once upon a time there lived a mum called Shine and a dad called Sam. They had 2 children called Dick and Sony.
Their house was on fire because they left their cooking unattended. The boys called out: “Fire, fire’’ fire’’.

In the boy’s room they heard a loud noise. It went: “Beep, beep, beep’’. The boys got down, got low and got out fast.
They assembled at the safe meeting place which was the mailbox. They saw their parents who were already there.

The parents dialled 111 on their mobile phone. Then the fire fighters arrived at their house. They put out the fire. Sam, Shine, Dick and Sony were now safe and they lived happily ever after.


jonah said...

Hi Siupeli I really like your story about your fire in the house.

Gabriel said...

Hi Siupeli I really like about what you wrout about your story about a fire in the house.

jonah said...

Hisiupeli Ireally like your storyabot tamati and sam get firewise.Good on you.