Friday, 25 June 2010

A fire in the house

One day there lived a lady called Shan and a man called Ray. They had a son called Dennis which is me.

One day my mum was cooking dinner. She left the kitchen. I came out of my room. I saw the fire. I shouted: “Fire , fire, fire.” I ran out side. I saw my mum and dad at the safe meeting place.

My dad dialled 111. The fire fighter hosed the fire out. We lived happily ever after.


Eseki said...

Hi dennis

Cool story you wrote.

jonah said...

Hi Dennis I really like your story about fire in my house.

moli said...

hi dennis you wrote a good story about fire.

nunia said...

ki ora dennis I enjoyed reading your story.

by nunia

AJ said...

HI dennis I realy like your story