Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Narrative retold by Hannah

One day Mia, James and Mum went out to school camp. Tamati was sad. Dad cooked his favourite food. Sam gobbled up one of his sausages and he gave one of his carrot sticks and begged for more. Dad tucked Tamati into bed. He said: “Look Tamati.it is way past your bed time I’ll let Sam sleep here for just this once.”

Sam and Tamati closed their eyes. Suddenly they heard a loud noise. Beep, beep, beep. Sam started barking. He didn’t stop. They were scared. Then they went out and yelled: “Fire, fire, fire.” They got, down got low and got out fast. They grabbed the torch and turned it on. Then they got to the front door. They got outside and ran to the safe meeting place and dad was already there. They were glad.

Then dad dialled 111 on his mobile phone. They waited for the fire fighters to come. Then they heard a loud noise. It was the fire truck. The firemen got the hose and hosed the fire down. They lived happily ever after.

By Hannah

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Plessius family said...

Hi Hannah,
I liked the way you set the scene, including what happened before the fire started. Well done,
Karl's mum