Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Greetings from San Diego

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from San Diego. I am typeing like crazy as I'm being charged by the minute here. So far I have been on City tour of San Diego and a harbour cruise. San Diego is a smaller city to Los Angeles. It has 3.5 million people and it was once a sandy desert. Very hot. San Diego is a quieter city than LA,and is more laid back. The Hotel I am staying in is a resort and has a big swimming pool and spa pool-very nice plus it has a bar area so I could sit by the pool and sip a lemonade.
The Hotel is near a shopping mall called Fashion Valley. Yesterday I bought two pairs of petite jeans made for the short person YAH!!! Could shop there every day. Macy's is such a great shop.

Today I went to San Diego Sea World. Great place. Got to see: Polar Bears, Walrus' Matinees, Dolphins, Killer Whales, Otters, Toucans and Flamingoes. Fantastic place, excellent shows. They did have Rollercoasters, but I'm a little Rollercoasted out, if you get what I mean.

Off to the Wild Animal Park tomorrow and then I'm off to San Diego Zoo on Wednesday.
That's all from me, right now.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Miss paton


mele said...

Hi Miss Paton
I hope you come back to room8.We miss you and we are learing about how to tall the time .

frances said...

Hey there Miss Paton, only me Frances hahahaha...umMmM just like to say that the kids are all good and they miss you but you alredy know that hahaha...well they are listening and getting teir work done.thats a good thing right, (laugh)well better let the kids get on the computers and get back to work, you take care and be safe and we will all see you here next term.laters.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Paton, how are you and what is it like??We all miss you and Mrs Strang has been awesome hahahaha...Frances is the bomb..well the bell rang and we all have to go now. see yah...

from:frances and mele

Ilaisaane said...

Hi miss Paton
I am learning my time tables and my times.
some OF room8 went cross country

From Ilaisaane

Tamee said...

Hi miss paton

Some of the childs where going cross-country and we lost we had 5 ponits and pt.England win
and I ran on the 7 year olds I came 3th but we did owl best and we walked to school and some was in room7 and some was in room9.AndI called them to came into class.
Love from Tame'e

Mrs B and Room 7 said...

HI there Miss Paton,
Hope you are not drinking too much lemonade by the pool!
We are looking forward to hearing about the zoo. We looked up their web site and found some positive and some negative comments. We are interested to know what you think.
Keep having fun and enjoying the sun. We have had sunny weather all week so far! It's fantastic that we can play on the field again at last.
Ciao for now

Mrs B and Room 7

Manaiakalani said...

Hi there
I am glad you are enjoying San Diego. I had a lovely time there last year and also went to Fashio Valley. Did you take the train like I did?
Keep safe and keep letting us know how you are doing.