Sunday, 28 September 2008

Did you know facts compilation

Hi Everyone,

Over the last five weeks I have been travelling around taking as much in as possible through interacting with people, visiting places, reading information and talking to family. Here are a list of things I have come across:

When I say "Thank you very much for something" the Americans and Canadians say "You're welcome"
This happens in shops, restaurants, hotels etc

Petrol costs
In Canada petrol costs $1.29 a litre
In the USA petrol costs $3.49 a gallon which is the equivalent to 3 liters

In Canada and the USA the people drive on the left hand side
The steering wheel is on the opposite side / the passenger side in New Zealand

Common grocery items such as eggs, milk and meat etc appear to be cheaper than New Zealand

Fruit and Vegetables are more expensive over here than in New Zealand

In Super markets there are huge areas focusing on ready to eat meals just heat and eat.
Already made hot soup can be taken away in a cup

Convenience food/meals are big over here. You could buy your lunch or dinner heated up from the Supermarket

In Canada and the USA chemists/drug stores sell anything such as labelled perfumes, food items, cosmetics, postcards, stamps, clothing, technologies, etc.

Halloween is big over here
Shops have big window displays that show the colours orange and black with the hollowed pumpkin faces, spiders, withches etc.
You can buy halloween pumpkin toys, clothing, costumes, and every day household items with the halloween theme

Christmas displays are beginning to be set up already in stores
You can buy your own battery powered snowman, santa, reindeer
I've seen nothing like them before so magical and cute
The Christmas tree decorations are cheap and elegant
Lot's of glitter and sparkle
"Oh to experience Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere!"

Labelled clothing very reasonable especially Levi Jeans, Nike brand, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren Clothing

In restaurants and shopping malls the toilets are known as Washrooms / Restrooms

In Canada they have $1.00 and $2.00 coins
They have names for their coins:
A Looney is $1.00
A Tooney is $2.00

In Canada the highest form of road deaths are people driving into deer at night. People are killed instantly through colliding into these animals

It is common in Canada for animals to come out at night and eat your flowers these are deer and racoons

Cats need to be house trained. If they are let outside they could be dinner for the racoons

In San Francisco I noticed dogs wearing these special shoes on their feet
When I spoke to my cousin she said that these shoes protect their feet from the hot pavement and burns on their feet-pretty cool eh!

In Victoria British Columbia, 60% of the people are retired
In British Columbia the retired people are looked after really well, they are given free bank fees to withdrawal, transfer money etc.
On the Ferries they get a discount and on Wednesdays it is free for all retired people
Retired people also get discounts for motor home parking
There seems to be great incentives for those who are retired
There are lots of clubs where retired people go to such as quilting, scrap booking, tramping, walking groups etc
A lot of people retire as early as 60 years old and even younger

Will write more facts soon


Miss Paton


Wm Chamberlain said...

This is a great post. It is very interesting to read about your observations. Do you not say "Thank you" in New Zealand? Is there another phrase you use instead?

Glenbrae School said...

Hi WM Chamberlain

Most people say thank you in New Zealand. However not everyone replies to acknowledge the person.
You're welcome was a common phrase I came across on my trip. Thanks for your comment.

J Paton